Municipal Employees' Retirement System of Michigan Benefits From ImageNow

Released on = December 29, 2004, 12:35 pm

Press Release Author = Perceptive Software

Industry = Software

Press Release Summary = Perceptive Software's Document Imaging Solution Streamlines Busy Member Records Department

Press Release Body = SHAWNEE, KANSAS — Perceptive Software, Inc., today announced that Municipal Employees' Retirement System of Michigan (MERS), a leading provider of benefits to local government organizations and employees in Michigan, employed
ImageNow® document imaging, management and workflow solutions to process client information and increase workflow efficiency in the Member Records department.

MERS offers a broad range of services to more than 37,000 government employees, including retirement benefits, health coverage and investment opportunities. MERS also deals directly with municipal employers, providing health coverage for
governmental entities in Michigan through the Premier Health public employer risk pool.

Seamless integration between ImageNow and the existing PeopleSoft® environment facilitates instant access to all documentation and rapid response to customer
inquiries. The combination of simplicity and reliability makes ImageNow almost maintenance-free, allowing the MERS IT staff to concentrate resources elsewhere.

"ImageNow allows us to respond quickly to customer inquiries," said Deb Peake, manager of the Active Member division at MERS. "Our staff used to hoard records because of limited access, but now they can pull up documents right on their desktops."

MERS processes thousands of member records annually that need to be frequently accessed and updated. ImageNow allows MERS users to rapidly index, search and locate individual documents in the secure central object repository in less than a second —
a stark contrast to the cumbersome methods used before implementation. The efficiency of ImageNow made an immediate impression on Gary Davis, network engineer at MERS.

"The biggest seller of ImageNow was speed. The previous system took up to 30 seconds to access a report, but ImageNow pulls up documentation instantly," said Davis.

MERS had used other electronic document imaging systems in the past, but users were dissatisfied with having to depend on the vendor for regular maintenance and modifications. Perceptive Software's comprehensive training, product flexibility and
accessible telephone and web support ensures that MERS is independent of the service commitments other document imaging applications require. ImageNow rapidly integrated
with PeopleSoft and MERS's other software, allowing the company to leverage their existing technology investments without writing a single line of code.

"It's an easy product to work with and requires the least maintenance of any software we use," Davis said. "We just turned it on and forgot about it."

About Perceptive Software
Founded in 1988, Perceptive Software, Inc., (formerly Perceptive Vision) develops document imaging, management and workflow software solutions that simplify document management processes by delivering secure, digitized versions of paper and other
electronic documents while leveraging existing applications. Customers in a broad range of industries worldwide have taken advantage of ImageNow, Perceptive Software's flagship software offering.


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