Security Camera Warehouse's Q3 Revenue Doubles



Released on: December 31, 2010, 4:13 am
Author: Matthew Nederlanden
Industry: Electronics

Security Camera Warehouse, a leading CCTV system and surveillance equipment provider, today announced that Q3 2010 revenue is up by more than 100% when compared to the corresponding period a year ago. Both SCW, LLC customer base and the average order size have increased when compared to it's position last year. Security Camera Warehouse momentum has continued quarter over quarter for the last year and half when it's management changed.

Under previous management, Security Camera Warehouse offered security cameras and CCTV DVRs from one brand only. SCW, LLC has reinvented itself and now offers many new product lines including analog security cameras, IP security cameras, access control, locks, metal detectors, and security keypads.

In addition, SCW has gone from representing one brand to offering products from many different manufacturers including GE, Pelco, Sony, Speco Technologies, Honeywell, JVC, Toshiba, Everfocus, Vivotek, Vitek, Lockey, Baran, and Risco.

"We are very happy with our growth over this year and this third quarter.” said Justin Bowman, CEO of SCW, LLC. “We expect this trend to continue for the next year as both the economy recovers and our name recognition continues to grow. Most of all we attribute our success to rapidly increasing our product selection. Because we still have many products to add to our online store, we expect our growth to continue for some time.”

Security Camera Warehouse is an online retailer of CCTV systems, security cameras, and video surveillance equipment and bases its business model around low cost video surveillance products and great customer service. This economy may have also had an impact upon their growth.

“Our customers can find quality CCTV equipment at discount prices and that has a massive impact upon our business.” says Matthew Nederlanden, President of SCW, LLC. “In a down economy, people expect crime to increase. We believe that one reason it hasn't during the 2010 recession is because more people have protected themselves, their businesses, and their homes. Our ability to deliver a great value to our customers on surveillance systems is certainly helping us in this economic climate.”

About SCW, LLC
Security Camera Warehouse is an online retailer and integrator wholesaler of CCTV cameras, video surveillance DVRs, and security camera systems. It is based in Waynesville, North Carolina. It's products can be found online at

Contact Details: Justin Bowman, CEO
Security Camera Warehouse
Phone: 866-414-2553



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