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Released on: December 30, 2010, 6:35 am
Author: Bernie Grohsman
Industry: Healthcare is a public benefits service that works to ensure anyone in need of alcohol treatment can find quality care. More than that, the service works to provide means for those in desperate situations to find affordable care at a top notch alcohol treatment center. All of this is made possible through a simple but very effective concept of providing a resource that offers superior information and a directory that allows an alcoholic to connect with a chosen alcohol rehabilitation center. This service is two-fold. Not only does it assist alcohol rehab centers in gaining new clients thus progressing with new treatment methodologies and gains, but it also helps countless alcoholics and their families that otherwise may not find suitable and affordable care.

December, 2010 – provides a smorgasbord of information that is useful for anyone interested in learning about alcohol treatment options and more. This public benefit service is available free of charge to educate those interested and in need.

Drug addictions and alcoholism affect people from all walks of life. When those with little income or little or no insurance are afflicted they are less likely to seek help. Finding an alcohol treatment center that provides care to this segment of the population is not always as easy as finding centers that cater to the rich and famous.

The life line for many of these less fortunate individuals can be A visit to this site can provide them with easy access to links to countless treatment centers. Not only can the individual find basic information about the centers but they can also visit the centers’ websites to learn detailed information. If there is an interest the individual can contact the facility for even more details.

Before entering a treatment center it is always best to learn about the types of alcohol treatment options offered as well as the type of detox that is provided. Details about payment options are usually provided during the consultation process. provides the largest and most comprehensive online directory of treatment centers available. The site is not directly affiliated with any drug or alcohol treatment center. This means the information the service offers is provided on a completely unbiased basis.

This service can also prove to be extremely helpful to the friends and family members of drug addicts and alcoholics. The information at the site is all-inclusive. It covers topics such as drug intervention as well as the various types of approaches to drug and alcohol treatment options. Since it is often a
family member that seeks out a suitable alcohol rehabilitation center for their loved ones they are frequently the ones that visit the site.

About The Company: is a public service benefit that provides a comprehensive offering of information related to drug and alcohol rehab. This includes an extensive directory that makes finding a suitable alcohol treatment center an easy task. The information supplied by can help to lessen the stress of all concerned during a trying time. With the service, needed solutions become available as the right alcohol rehabilitation center is found. If you or someone you know is in need of help, call 1-877-335-4673.

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