Expanding Insurance News, Web Trends Website Announced at ClaudePenland.com



Released on: January 26, 2011, 4:30 am
Author: Claude Penland, Actuary and Webmaster
Industry: Financial

A rapidly growing insurance news and web trends website was recently created and launched at ClaudePenland.com. This six-month-old website was conceived by Claude Penland, an established casualty actuary with twenty years of industry experience.

Claude writes at least six times a day on the international business issues that he explores daily. These global topics include insurance news (4InsuranceNews.com), insurance startup companies (InsuranceStartups.com), insurance mergers and acquisitions (WhoBoughtWho.com), insurance trends (InsTrends.com), reinsurance news and trends (ReinsuranceTrends.com), web startups (1000Startups.com), web trends (WebTrendInfo.com), web development, pension risk (PensionRiskNews.com), catastrophe risk (CatRisky.com), Solvency II European insurance regulations (SolvencyDeux.com), Takaful (TakafulMe.com), predictive analytics (PredNews.com), risk management (TheRiskNews.com), odd business ideas (OddBusinessIdeas.com), plus finance and investment.

New topics are frequently added to ClaudePenland.com and there is an interesting quote posted every Friday (FridaysQuote.com). 27 separate RSS news feeds are offered.

On ClaudePenland.com/multimedia, informative PowerPoint presentations and YouTube videos authored by Claude Penland are often featured. These include diverse presentations on worldwide topics such as catastrophe risk trends, actuarial news, predictive analytics, the China/Hong Kong insurance markets, reinsurance, social networking startups trends, Solvency II European insurance regulations, Europe’s insurance markets, insurance startups, Bermuda’s insurance market, executive recruitment, the Takaful market, web trends, India’s insurance market, job hunting and technology, web development, insurance mergers and acquisitions, as well as pension risk trends.

All presentations are free to download and share. Claude’s “40 Web Trends for 2011” presentation was recommended highly recently at ClaudePenland.com/recommendations.

At ClaudePenland.com/salary-surveys, compensation surveys are provided pertaining to insurance and reinsurance C-level executives. These surveys were generated from publicly-available U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings. They include property and casualty insurance (CasualtySalarySurvey.com), life insurance (LifeSalarySurvey.com), health insurance (HealthSalarySurvey.com), and also property and casualty reinsurance (ReinsuranceSalarySurvey.com).

According to ClaudePenland.com/demographics, the website receives approximately 50,000 visits per month. About 150,000 pages are viewed per month. Both numbers have grown quickly in a mere six months, with some third-party measurements now including ClaudePenland.com in their list of the top 200,000 websites in the U.S. According to these same third parties, the website’s audience is exceptionally well-educated and well-paid. See the demographics page for more details.

Continued heady growth is expected throughout 2011 as new features are added to the website.

To subscribe to the site’s daily email digest, enter your email address at ClaudePenland.com/subscribe. To subscribe via RSS feed, visit ClaudePenland.com/feed.

For additional information about Claude and his work, see ClaudePenland.com/about and ClaudePenland.com/work. To contact him, visit ClaudePenland.com/contact.

Contact Details: ClaudePenland.com
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Phone: (412) 259-3538



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