Hunter, A Top Brand, Up There With The Ugg Boot



Released on: January 18, 2011, 09:00 am
Industry: Retail

Premium Wellington boot brand, Hunter, enjoyed a busy year in 2010 with sales rocketing and the brand being in particular demand during the cold snap when customers sought out these hard-working and reliable boots to get them to their destinations during all the snow in December. Not only are they waterproof and the perfect choice for wearing in the snow and cold weather, they have become an official fashion item too.

The Hunter brand has considerably increased in popularity over the past few years as they have gradually made their way into every wardrobe of any self-respecting young person who likes to think they know a thing or two about fashion trends. It was reportedly one of sale aggregators ‘Most Clicked-On items of 2010’ and trusted website has apparently commented that Hunter wellies are the‘ultimate choice’ of winter footwear so that’s not a bad start to 2011, not least because there are still officially around six weeks of winter left to go and as we have seen, anything can happen in this country with the weather.

With the Hunter brand becoming more popular than ever before you might want to grab yourself a great pair from the extensive range of gorgeous glossy black styles such as the tall or short gloss originals, or go upmarket with a beautiful pair of Regent Savoy patent quilted Hunter Wellies (far too mice to wear to take the dog out!) that would look at home in the city as well as in the country.

The styles on offer from Hunter these days are endless and thanks to the young style icons such as Alexa Chung (television presenter, model and contributing editor at British Vogue) and Kate Moss (long time English model and designer for TopShop) as well as many others seen regularly sporting this very British brand of boot it can’t help but do the sales of Hunters the world of good.

Many young girls take their cue and inspiration from these stylish celebs and with technology being what it is today with the world of social media and networks like Twitter and Facebook as well as instant news being at our fingertips 24/7, good news travels fast and the fact that Hunter is one footwear brand that just looks so stylish, people want to wear their boots and be seen in them and talk about how great they are to their friends and so the news spreads and here we are today predicting another great year ahead for this ultimate British footwear brand with its rich heritage and exciting future.

The rise of the Wellington boot has been a surprise to us all but now we’ve come round to the idea it seems such a natural progression and is only right that Hunter, by far the best manufacturer of top quality Wellington boots there has ever been. Hunter have more than adequately met the challenge to provide amazing waterproof boots in a range of fantastic and stylish designs to its waiting customers, young, youngish, not so young and the really quite old! There is something for everyone. There are floral designs, inspired by the Royal Horticultural Society and for those who love gardening. There are the limited edition Festival range of boots in eclectic colours with buckles and studs for the die-hard festival-goer to wear in the rain and the mud whilst listening to their favourite band. There are sexy glossy quilt-effect boots in red or black or any other colour you prefer, perfect for ladies who love to look their best in the rain or in the field or indeed just out and about.

We have been utterly spoilt by the sheer choice of Hunter boots available to us and we are proud that this unique British Wellington boot brand has worked its way to the top to stand proudly alongside the other top brands such as Ugg and Timberland for outdoor footwear but what is more Hunter is deemed to ‘look’ as good as these other top brands and will work hard in the coming year to prove it to us.

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