"DIY Insulation Projects Could Save Over £2.5 Billion Pounds" Claims Tool-Net



Released on: February 04, 2011, 6:12 am
Author: Toolnet
Industry: Construction

February 04, 2011 /EPR Network/ --– The recent snowy weather in December and January this year has left a revealing picture. A quick glance during the snow at your neighbours roofs would tell you who has and who has not carried out loft or cavity wall insulation. Quite simply, if the snow has remained on your neighbours’ roofs then their house is well insulated and heat is not escaping. If the snow however has melted, then heat is escaping from their house – and this, Tool-Net claims, could be costing us dearly. Informed estimates have placed the potential savings to us as a nation at over £2.5 billion.

A recent survey has highlighted that possibly only half of Britain’s 26.5 million households have any form of loft insulation and even fewer (less than 40%) have their cavity wall’s insulated. With the potential collective savings estimation, this is one DIY project households should not be sleeping on.

Tool-Net, a leading online power tool supply store, expressed surprise that so few households had tackled this simple DIY project. In recent years, the customer base for Tool-Net.co.uk has seen more and more DIY enthusiasts alongside the established customer base of trades people, using the site to source competitively priced power tools. It would seem, however, that mundane projects such as insulating a loft are not always the DIY enthusiast’s number one priority. Instead many are opting for more grandiose projects such as in-depth woodworking or building projects. Tool-Net claim they may be missing a trick. In the long run, some simple DIY tasks can end up saving the largest amount of money.

Tool-Net.co.uk offers over 6,500 power tools and power tool accessories giving consumers one of the widest choices available. Their comprehensive stock range includes saws, drills, grinders, nail guns, routers, sanders, lathes, nibblers, pressure washers and all types of power tools, fixings and consumables. Tool-Net stocks extensive product ranges from power tool brands such as Bosch, Fein, Makita, Rawl, Stil, Black & Decker, DeWalt and Hitachi.

A spokesperson from Tool-Net commented: “We have been surprised at the number of DIY enthusiasts rather than trades people who are now ordering power tools such as a Clarke Air Compressor rather than just a drill or saw. It means that people are increasingly confident enough to tackle complex DIY projects in their home. This is great – and we are happy to advise and support them. We’re just surprised that many people aren’t also doing the simple DIY projects, like loft insulation, that may not carry the kudos but can really make a saving and a difference.”

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