Environmentally Friendly Safety Signs Material Comes to Safetyshop



Released on: February 02, 2011, 1:27 pm
Author: Safetyshop
Industry: Industrial

As well as being an industry leader when it comes to safety signs and practically everything health and safety related, UK based Safetyshop have recently taken the decision to use a more environmentally friendly material as a part of their safety sign production process, another area in which the company is leading the way.

The workplace safety specialists have researched alternatives to the material used up until now, PVC at 1mm thick and found that polypropylene to be an all round better choice when it comes to sign manufacturing. Polypropylene is 1.2mm thick, recyclable and hard wearing enough to be a suitable eco-friendly replacement to PVC, meaning that businesses will not need to buy replacements in just a few years time.

All signs manufactured by Safetyshop use the recognisable symbols and warnings covering anything from no smoking signs to no access and fire exit signs, all of which comply with the ISO 7010 standards that apply to all EU countries. The range is also constantly expanding as new ISO symbols are released ensuring Safetyshop’s range covers all possible situations.

Sara Banks, UK Product Manager at Safetyshop commented, “Our safety sign manufacturing process is something we pride ourselves on and this move to the superior Polypropylene signs will help make sure our processes are as environmentally friendly as possible, yet remain effective and compliant with industry standards.

“Safety signs are a large part of our business and we have listened to our customers comments to make sure we are catering for all customers and industries. We have had comments such as being able to find a particular sign being too difficult and made sure to simplify the process, as well as reducing the quantity of duplicate sign styles as well”

The new range of signs will be filtering through to the whole range of signs at Safetyshop.com as well as their custom sign designing service where businesses can create their own bespoke designs. Businesses looking to equip their workplace with the relevant safety signs for their line of work should visit the website at Safetyshop.com.


About Safetyshop:
Safetyshop became a trading division of Stockport-based Brady Corporation Ltd following an acquisition in 2005. The company was established in 1970 and through various acquisitions of its own, Safetyshop has gone on to become the leading safety products manufacturer in the UK, producing a range of 18,000 products ranging from fire extinguishers to first aid kits at its 34,000 square foot UK facility in Cheshire.

For further information please contact:
Kim Slack at Kim_slack@safetyshop.com or +44 161 406 5571



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