Formwor1 Systems Floor Creates Monolithic Ventilated Foundations In A Single Pour



Released on: February 10, 2011, 8:16 am
Author: formwork1systems
Industry: Construction

Floor System, the combination of Modulo and formwork block, makes it possible to pour the foundation and the ground slab in a single operation, creating a monolithic structure that won’t crack. A ventilated and monolithic foundation grants high stability and load-bearing capacity, significantly reducing the risks of damage in the case of earthquakes.

A VENTILATED MONOLITHIC foundation is the solution that combines the advantages of a bloc structure and a ventilated one. The load is distributed uniformly and remains under the breaking limit. The greater distance from the point of force application decreases steel and slab stress

The 1st plastic formwork for round columns
Is the first reusable plastic formwork for round concrete columns A new concept versus disposable formworks1systems made of cardboard or other material: stripping is made quick and easy since no releasing agents are required, and it can be used over and over again, column after column. Is a complete formwork system for circular columns in any building type?

The forms can be carried by hand by a single person without the aid of a crane or of heavy lifting equipment. formwork1systems is a reusable formwork.

The smooth finish of the formwor1systems forms leaves a very good concrete finish. As the plastic surface does not require releasing agents, it leaves no blemishes or discoloring on the concrete.

After the pour clean the formwork from any concrete with a water jet, and after dismantling just cleanse the forming face with water. The forming parts are locked together by high-strength nylon fixing handles. A ventilated foundation is the only solution for ground moisture the soil is a heterogeneous blend of solid elements, water and air. Water is the element naturally most subject to fluctuations due to variable rainfall patterns, changes in water table level, evaporation and deep infiltration. Groundwater in direct contact with traditional foundations creates unhealthy conditions in the building: infiltrations, moisture, condensation and moulds and fungi; in extreme cases it can lead to the decay of timber structural elements.

Water TANK - Reinforced concrete storage tank
Water TANK is the solution for large and compact storm water storage tanks. The reinforced concrete structure formed with Water TANK is composed by a concrete bed, the perimeter walls and a slab held up by small pillars: the structure has high bearing capacity and is suitable for overload, both live loads and dead loads. The top slab of Water TANK may be covered with earth to get a green surface or can remain as it for vehicles transit.

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