Apple or Google: Which Stock Will Perform Better? Launches Pair Options, the First Trading Product to Enable Direct Trading Based on the Relative Performance of Stocks



Released on: March 21, 2011, 10:58 am
Author: Stockpair
Industry: Financial, Internet & Online

[ London ]: Stockpair ( ) has announced the launch of the first ever Pair Options trading platform. Pair Options are a new category of market-neutral online trading products that are based on the relative performance of stocks. Pair Options trading is based on picking the best performing stock within a given stock pair (such as Apple/Google, Vodafone/BT etc.) therefore limiting the exposure to general market direction. Stockpair has taken elements from the professional Pair Trading strategy and turned it into a compelling, intuitive and trader-friendly product.

"What's extremely valuable is that since you trade on the relative performance of two stocks, you're essentially using a market neutral instrument," commented Yoel Mann, Stockpair's VP of Marketing. "What really matters is how one stock has performed against another, and not necessarily how it performs in absolute terms, so even if the market goes down, there is no affect on profits."

The platform services the global community of traders, professionals and beginners. Within the fairly conservative financial industry, stockpair's launch is a rare occasion on which a completely new product is to be introduced to the market, not to mention a product that simplifies a proven trading technique and makes a new effective trading paradigm accessible to traders of all levels of experience.

Stockpair is built upon a patent-pending pricing engine and an innovative visual interface which offers a unique, interactive trading experience. The platform offers Pair Options on more than 70 stocks from exchanges around the world, based on real time market data. The system enables taking decisions and making trades within seconds, allowing traders to quickly capture market opportunities.

Trading in Pair Options has great advantages: comparing stocks is powerful; you can choose a risk strategy and begin executing trades. It is amazing how Stockpair were able to take a sophisticated product and make it so simple, keeping the real time accuracy and access to information that traders need, says Tony Alvarez, one of Stockpair's traders.

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About Stockpair
Stockpair is a proprietary trading platform for Pair Options a new promising category of online trading products. Stockpair's patent pending technology deploys advanced real time algorithms which enable trading in Pair Options. Stockpair creates a trader-friendly environment with a world class interface, streamlined user fund management procedures and data transparency. The company accepts traders from around the globe and is owned by a private investment group.


Yoel Mann
VP Marketing
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