Local Quoter Helps UK householders Go Green



Released on: March 2, 2011, 08:43 am
Author: Local Quoter
Industry: Energy

Local Quoter, one of the UK’s leading online price comparison websites for home improvements, has been doing its bit to help British homeowners make their properties more energy efficient for years.

The company makes sure people across the UK get the best possible prices on energy efficient windows and doors, and now Local Quoter has turned its attention to solar panels.

Being able to produce green energy at home has become a reality for thousands of people following the introduction of the government's Feed-in Tariffs programme. Solar thermal panels are the perfect answer for anyone who wants to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and instead harness the power of the sun to help heat their home.

And with 25-year subsidies now available to homeowners who fit photovoltaic panels to their homes, this form of renewable energy has become a serious option for people across the country.

Local Quoter is in a position to help anyone who is considering installing solar panels on the roof of their property. With access to the UK’s leading building specialists, Local Quoter can help ensure householders get a solar PV panels quote that will leave them with a warm feeling!

Les Yates, Marketing Manager at Local Quoter, said: "Low carbon energy generation is the future – and homeowners up and down the country are already enjoying the benefits that installing cheap solar panels can bring.

"The government's decision earlier this month to look again at its Feed-in Tariffs policy and ensure that enough money is reserved for small-scale projects is great news for individuals who are keen to experience the financial and environmental benefits solar power can bring."


About Local Quoter:
Local Quoter was set up in 2008 and has established itself as an expert in the home improvement price comparison market online. The company offers a quick and easy service to customers looking for the best price or cheapest service in their local area.

For further information contact: Les Yates
Tel: 01204 488 919 Email: enquiries@localquoter.net
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