Saxo Bank Video Looks at Post-quake Japanese Investment Opportunities



Released on: March 16, 2011, 2:51 pm
Author: Saxo Bank
Industry: Financial

Saxo Bank has released a new Equity Focus video featuring the company's Equity Strategist Peter Garnry. The video looks at what the possible implications for investors interested in the Japanese stock market are in the short and long-term, with the total impact and cost of the massive earthquake in Japan, related tsunamis and nuclear crisis still unclear. The Bank of Japan has introduced a series of policy easing measures but there is still doubt that this will be enough to create market stability in the Japanese stock market.

Comparing Japan's current situation to the state of the country's market following the huge earthquake which occurred in the city of Kobe in 1995, Peter Garnry commented that the stock market remained steady in the days following that disaster but people underestimated its effects and within four months the market had fallen by 25%. When asked whether this was due to the Kobe earthquake hitting a large industrial area of Japan rather than the coastal areas devastated by the recent quake (although some car manufacturing and electronics plants were forced to stop production) Garnry replied that the effect on the market will only be known in the coming months. He also stated that the aftermath of the earthquake could be a great opportunity for many investors to be exposed to Japanese stocks and subsequently invest in them.

With the current disaster coming on top of an already exorbitant national debt status there are increased concerns that the Japanese economy could be pushed back into recession. Meanwhile, major Japanese exporters are being hurt by forced shutdowns due to power shortages, while the yen, at least for now, is supported by the Bank of Japan's massive liquidity injection into the banking system. As it's still early days there's a chance that just a few months down the road the impact on Japan's economy and currency might be somewhat different and this could result in some interesting investment opportunities in large Japanese export driven stocks.

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About Peter Garnry:
Peter Garnry is an Equity Strategist at Saxo Bank. In his work, Peter uses a balance of approaches to thoroughly analyse modern complex equity markets.

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