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Released on: March 22, 2011, 05:57 am
Author: QueryCLick LTD
Industry: Internet & Online

Four days ago, Google announced that a new version of Google Analytics would be rolled out to all GA users. For UK SEO company, the new and improved feature means an enhanced ability to analyse data and report their findings back to clients.

The announcement came at the Google Analytics User Conference in San Francisco last Thursday. Though the new version will not be immediately available to users, a closed beta version has been offered out to willing test participants, eager to get a first look at any changes and improvements.

Many of the refinements which have been implemented were the result of feedback from frequent GA users, something which has been backed by the SEO experts at

“By assessing the actual user experience, and acting upon feedback provided by those who rely on Google Analytics on a daily basis, Google has demonstrated its ambition to create a truly user-friendly experience.”

Some of the major refurbishments include the ability to view various advanced segments without the need to compare against 'All Visits', as well as the option to customize an account dashboard. The latter provides users with a greater level of control over the hierarchy of their data, as well as allowing for enhanced visual customization; you can view data in whichever format (pie chart, timeline, table etc...) you prefer.

Much of the renovation has been focused on the look and feel of the user interface, with significant alterations being made to the overall design, as well as to the report nomenclature. What was previously categorised as Goals will now be labelled as Conversions, while Network Properties and browser capabilities will now fall under the umbrella of Technology.

For, the allowance for multiple dashboards per client is one of the more attractive new features. A spokesperson said:

“This allows for a far more comprehensive set of account highlights, offering users the ability to access the key points of different aspects of any campaign with far greater ease.

“For example, those who track the social media performance of a site, or have a particular interest in specific site activity, can collate all the basic info they need in an easy to reach location.”

The latest development has come following the recent integration of Google Analytics with Google Webmaster Tools. Though the integration was not deeply rooted – users can now access a client's referral traffic report from the GWT links section – it provides a preview of things to come.

In fact, according to SEO experts QueryClick, further developments to the GWT and GA integration will be high on the list of Google engineers:

“If Google's strategy of feedback-based renovation is to continue, the next significant update to be made would surely be the enhanced integration of Webmaster console with Google Analytics, a development high on the list of users' desires.”

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