Variety Is The Spice Of Language Learning



Released on: March 08, 2011, 6:01 am
Author: Language in Group
Industry: Education

The Language in Group today claimed that the secret to the successful teaching of English as a foreign language was variety. The complex and varied demands of international students wishing to study English in the UK and Ireland today means that success must lie in catering for the many and varied objectives of students.

With more than 40 years’ experience of the changing face of language learning the directors of the Language in Group have seen the sector develop and mature. Along the way there has been much recognition of the innovative approaches the schools in the Group have adopted – including the accolade of being the first school to receive a British Council award for innovation in English language teaching. Whilst innovative approaches and excellence in teaching remain core goals the Language in Group today commented that what international students most needed was a variety of approaches to teaching English to meet their many and varied needs and goals. It is because there is no such thing as a typical international student that the language school’s provisions must be varied and multiple. Variety is the spice of language learning.

The range and approach of courses available within the Group has never been broader ranging from cultural experience holidays, where teaching may take place informally in a museum or day-trip out, to intensive exam-based courses, where more traditional classroom-based methods are used. Work-experience modules allow students to focus their language learning vocationally whilst IELTS courses help students prepare for further academic study. There are courses aimed specifically at the mature student and provision is made for those studying with families. The Group can now provide English language teaching courses for teachers looking to pick up on best practice.

Variety is also provided in the choice of where to study, and where to live whilst you study. The Language in Group offers schools based in a choice of three radically differing locations: London, Dublin or Totnes. The “variety is the spice” approach also includes the options open to students regarding where they live. Younger students may prefer the security of a homestay, whilst others may wish to rub shoulders with fellow students in hostels and apartments. Families can even have self-contained cottages.

The Language in Group is committed to providing a variety of courses, approaches, locations and accommodation to meet the increasingly complex needs, demands and goals of international students studying English. For them variety is the spice of language learning. Whether students study in a Language in Group London school, or one in Totnes or Dublin the same varied approach is offered. The Group provide language learning experiences that are as varied as students’ needs.

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The Language in Group offer English courses in Ireland and England for all ages. The schools in London, Dublin and Totnes allow foreign students to build their confidence using English for work, for study or simply for personal development.

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