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Released on: April 21, 2011, 6:42 pm
Author: Force 8
Industry: Real Estate

The new stable door from Force 8 is revolutionary in design; the finish on the door makes it hard to distinguish it from a traditional timber door.

The Stable Door is made in two parts either the whole stable door or just the top leaf can be opened. In this way, the entire door can be shut to retain heat in the winter, or in warmer weather, the top leaf can be left open to let in light and air whilst maintaining a degree of privacy and keeping in small children or pets.

What makes the new Force 8 stable door different is that it’s fabricated in two complete half’s, with the rebate for the join built into the slab. This means there are no extra fittings needed, just the high security locking system, which include leaves with metal edges and five point locking system and two hooks. The stable doors come with adjustable hinges; the doors can be aligned horizontally and vertically so a perfect fit can be assured, particularly across the join of the two halves.

The finish offers a stunning modern take on the traditional tongue and groove design, and like all Force 8 composite doors, they are constructed to the new building regulations, which require new doors to have a U-Value of 1.8w/m2k (1.6w/m2k in Scotland) or less!

With this latest product Force 8 have establish themselves as one of the leading suppliers of composites doors in the country, and a force to be reckoned with. Part of their range includes a composite Fire Door, one of the first of its kind. The new series of doors has been designed and tested to the highest specifications (BS: 476 part 22: 1987) at the Warrington Fire Research Centre. The fire doors have been specialty designed for situations such as flats, shared entrances, or in domestic dwellings between the garage and house, where building regulations require an approved FD30 fire door. This gives the customer peace of mind, and specifiers a greater choice without having to compromise on style, and the new doors come with a full ten-year guarantee.

When the new building regulations came in, Force 8 were not content in the knowledge that all their composite doors would achieve a U-value of less than the required 1.8 W/(m2-K). Following extensive testing, involving precise calculations of every element of their composite doors, down to the minute details of the proportions of moulded and standard areas of the slab, the glazing cassettes, glass spacer bars etc., they are able to prove by means of certification that all their doors currently achieve a U-value of 1.5 W/(m2-K) or less, which is of course far better than the minimum compliance U-value.

All this is backed by over 20 years experience from an established family run business, and within that time Force 8 have been listening, and meeting the needs of both the commercial and the residential sector.

For further details on all of Force 8’s products, go to: www.force8.co.uk

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