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Released on: April 30, 2011, 4:52 am
Author: ESL Schools
Industry: Education

ESL language schools’ announcement of new summer coursework is kicking off the spring and summer months with a little bit of French. Although spring is in full swing, ESL schools are looking toward the summer and preparing for their new coursework in Paris, Lyon and Montreux. Their programmes take into account not only the lesson plans but the living situation of their students, their proximity to major French and Swiss tourist sites and entertainment when not in class.

In Paris, their programme for young adults promises to entertain and teach teens in a relaxed and productive environment. For a teen studying in the summer months this kind of teaching philosophy is essential. Summer time is an important time for many students to refocus after an intense year of study. This programme allows them to do so without also subjecting them to the sometimes inevitable ‘brain drain’ of the summer. This is also termed summer learning loss and summarises what happens to student’s learning when they spend a summer holiday without any exposure to academics.

Learning French, or any language, is not just the pastime of children and teens. Adults can also seek out language course. ESL offers a couple programmes for these adults, one of which is in Montreux. This programme has benefited for the year-old studio accommodations offered as an alternative for couples and independent travellers. These studios have their own kitchen and bathroom and are not a home stay like is traditionally offered.

In its second year is the 50+ programme offered in Lyon, France. This programme allows people to experience French culture in one of the major cities in France. The school is conveniently located within the city near major tourist attractions and shopping centres.

Taking French courses in France make it easy to rapidly learn the language through immersion. Students are faced with real-life applications of their coursework and can ask pointed questions about how to use the language effectively in their day to day life. ESL is careful to construct their programmes so that their students are exposed to the famous sites and important areas near the cities where they study. Thus these programmes operate as both a holiday and a learning experience for the adventurous language learner. If you want a language summer school France can offer no better to adults and teens than ESL language schools.

About ESL School- By deciding to learn French, German, Italian or English at one of their schools, you are embarking on a very enriching experience. Whether you study at their language schools in Switzerland or in France, or at one of the summer camps in stunning locations across Europe, you will discover a passion for teaching languages in immersion through the use of dynamic, modern methods and refreshing activities.

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