Medelita Announces New Partnership

Medelita partners with the Society for Dermatology Physician Assistants



Released on: April 26, 2011, 6:52 am
Author: Medelita
Industry: Healthcare

San Clemente, California, April 2011- Medelita®, maker of breakthrough performance lab coats for both men and women, announces a new partnership with the Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants. Member benefit discount and affiliation agreement begin on May 1st.

The Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants is a non-profit professional organization comprised of individuals who provide dermatologic care, or have expressed interest in the field of dermatology. The SDPA organization, founded in 1994, has over 1,700 members and continues to grow. The main focus of the organization is to provide continuing medical education to its members, form leadership structure, act as an advocate for members, and develop resources for the evaluation and hiring of Physician Assistants. Medelita is proud to have this affiliation with such a prestigious PA organization, as the founder is also a PA. The partnership is extremely complimentary.

Dermatology PAs find Medelita lab coats to be especially professional and classy, with a comfortable, ergonomic fit. With a fit similar to professional clothing, and styling and workmanship improvements throughout, doing procedures from multiple angles and positions is now easier and more comfortable. Coupled with the Advanced Dual Action Teflon® fabric protector, the performance of the lab coats is ideal for those clinicians who are at higher risk for exposure to bodily fluids or other spills. Medelita high-performance lab coats help to ensure a clean, bright white appearance by preventing soil and stains from setting in, and also allowing a fluid barrier.  They wash better than any other lab coat available, and stay bright white.

We recently received a testimonial from a dermatology PA who said that on the very first day that she received her Medelita lab coat, blood splashed onto the sleeve during a procedure, shares Lara Manchik, PA-C and founder. She simply brushed it off with a hand towel with no trace of it left on the surface.  Her supervising MD immediately asked where he could get a similar coat of the same performance quality. 

About Medelita
Medelita has one purpose: to reinvent the way women and men of all healthcare professions present themselves at work by offering the highest quality, best fitting, and most comfortable medical apparel available, including women's lab coats, men's lab coats, embroidered lab coats and medical scrubs. Medelita caters to medical professionals who want their uniforms to embody the poise and confidence already displayed from within. For more information, visit their website at or call 877.987.7979 for personalized service.

Joe Francisco, President
Medelita, LLC
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