Sustainable Architectural Paint and Coatings Consumer Demand Trends for 2011



Released on: April 14, 2011, 4:04 am
Author: Edward Mugits
Industry: Marketing

As the sustainable architectural paints and coatings manufacturers and related professional contractors continue to vie for their market position in the 2011 U.S. architectural paints and coatings projected $16.4 billion in sales, their consumers are demanding more on and off line information to verify who manufactures what brand, their sustainable practices and how to sort through the non-performing manufactures and contractors online references.

The architectural paint and coating industry mergers and acquisitions have left their consumers confused as to brand identity and what they’re actually buying; they can’t determine who owns the products and if they’re following sustainable practices or not. Equally, the consumers are faced with another identity crisis with the painting contractors they find on or off line and if they’re the reputable painting contractor they claim to be.

Since January 2011, SEO Brand Management LLC, of Mesa Arizona, has been uncovering a variety of painting contractors (and contractors in general) that have changed their business names, addresses, re-directing their online assets to new online businesses or creating a volume of shill reviews to displace the derogatory references from the consumers online view, and many are on their 2nd, 3rd or 4th act of deceptive and just plain and simple fraudulent online activities.

We maintain over 50 top keyword positions in this industry with our Arizona Kelly Moore Paint website and field several calls a day from consumers who simply want a quality paint and painting contractor they can trust, and we’ve earned that trust with our sustainable architectural paint and coating manufacturers and professional painting contractors online search engine marketing and reputation management services; We satisfy the consumer demand of Architectural brand and contractor identity nationwide and support this with professional architectural coatings and contractor keyword optimized video marketing services for clear and concise consumer engagement.

Our 2011 stats are impressive; our Sustainable Paint and Coatings Manufacturers, Kelly Moore Paint and Glidden Professional Paints sales are growing every day. If our customers are outside of our Kelly Moore Paint service area our partnered Glidden Paint stores will match it with comparable and verified sustainable practice paint and coatings product in any Kelly Moore Paint color there is. Kelly Moore Arizona Retail stores were sold to ICI, who was acquired by AkzoNoble, which has now been acquired by Glidden; we track them all.

Our pre-screened professional Arizona painting contractors are enjoying increased business with higher keyword ranking positions supported by our professional endorsement to protect our mutually shared consumer trust and, simply the best reputable online marketing services for professional painting contractors nationwide.

Our services promote endorsements of the paint contractors, the paint manufacturers are not performing the reputation verification nor endorsing them, we independently verify with factually evidenced documentation and references. We leverage our online reputation management experience to separate the shill reviews and testimonies from the natural, the BBB history, the contractor’s license status, the business owners and key employee personal names and their publicly accessed civil records. We also detect and determine if any competitor, disgruntled employee, former friend, spouse, lover etc… has influenced the standings; we assure a fair and equitable review for all.

Our services promote endorsements of the sustainable architectural paint and coatings manufacturers by the actual brand names they own, private label, distribute and retail and or, the displaced or re-branded product cross overs. We maintain the industry wide monitoring of a manufacturer for their manufacturing, distribution and retail locations and their related facility compliance with local, state and federal EPA and or emissions reporting and related regulatory affairs, including but not limited to their North American Industry Classification System Code (NIACS) Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) records, Water Discharge Permits (WDP’s) and the Resource Conversation and Data Act (RCRAInfo) Edward Mugits is our Architectural Paints and Coatings Subject Matter expert; he has 11 years of hands on experience with Sustainable Paints and Coating Products and Painting Contractors. SEO Brand Management LLC, offers both Kelly Moore Paint and Glidden Professional Paints and Coatings. If we cannot service you with Kelly Moore Paint products in Arizona, we will service your needs with a comparable quality Glidden Product, and they will match every Kelly Moore Paint Color available.

**There may or may not be a slight variation in sheen from product line to product line.

Contact Details: Edward Mugits, CMO SEO Brand management LLC, If you have questions regarding Kelly Moore Paint Products, Kelly Moore Paint Arizona Dealership Opportunities, how to become one of our Pre-qualified Professional Painting Contractors, call him direct: 480-678-0017 or contact him via e-mail: for all your architectural paint and coatings SEO Services



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