From Universal HIV Testing to HIV Cure


Released on: May 02, 2011, 10:20 am
Author: Alain Lafeuillade
Industry: Healthcare

Neuilly-sur-Seine, May 2, 2011 People involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS will gather in Marseille, France, May 23-25, 2012 for an international AIDS Conference under the theme: From Universal HIV Testing to HIV Cure'.

The ISHEID (International Symposium on HIV & Emerging Infectious Diseases) is a major scientific event attracting doctors, biologists, researchers, patients' representatives and policy makers from all around the world. Its next edition, to be held just more than one year ahead, will focus on recent developments against this pandemic.

Despite major advances in antiretroviral therapy, HIV still infects daily 2,000 new individuals and kills 2 millions each year. Current treatments are life-long with problems of compliance, resistance, toxicity, access, and cost.

There are advances both in the area of prevention, testing and potential cure' told Alain Lafeuillade, a French Doctor involved in the organization of the conference. Our driving force is to draw to the conference the best experts in the world for each program theme'. Antiretroviral treatment as prevention (or pre-exposure prophylaxis) will be debated with the pros and cons. Human rights and access to HIV care will be the focus of en entire session. Current issues in antiretroviral therapy management will be discussed during 2 sessions. Finally, the best American experts in the field of HIV reservoirs and eradication research will present their latest discoveries in the search for a cure.

The international Steering Committee will actively build a program the most exciting possible in the forthcoming months. Meanwhile, interviews of renowned experts are regularly published on the meeting website:

About the conference:
The Steering Committee contains Professor Jean-François Delfraissy (Director of the French Agency of AIDS Research, Paris, France), Jose Gatell (Barcelona, Spain), Guido Poli (Milano, Italy), Jean-Pierre Routy (Montreal, Canada), Christine Rouzioux (Paris, France), Vicente Soriano (Madrid, Spain), Hans-Jürgen Stellbrink (Hambourg, Germany) and Stefano Vella (Rome, Italy).


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