Michigan Drunk Driving Defense Through Sobriety Courts & Sober Homes Gaining Popularity



Released on: June 04, 2011, 2:37 am
Author: Structured Living LLC.
Industry: Law

Sobriety courts or Drug Courts is a recent novel approach and have been set up to reduce DUI/DWI s by helping recovery of offenders instead of punishment. Their main objective(s) being to reduce alcohol & drug use, lowering of repeat substance abuse offenses and reduction of incarceration in local jails.

Working under a “Jail Diversion” initiative, these Courts allow the integration of alcohol and drug treatment services with justice system case processing wherein the defense attorney and prosecutor work towards a speedy resolution of the case with an ultimate goal of addressing the defendant’s substance abuse issues. The process involves the following pertinent steps:

• Placement of the defendant rapidly into meaningful substance abuse transitional sober living facility.
• Frequent testing to determine whether the defendant is using alcohol or other drugs.
• A team approach to the defendant’s treatment program including the judge, the treatment provider, probation, and the lawyers, as needed.
• Regular appearances of the defendant before the judge, on the record, to monitor program compliance

The services provided by Structured Living LLC are an ideal fit for the DUI/DWI candidates that qualify under the above guidelines. Our “zero” tolerance and court friendly rules of stay that include random drug testing, curfew and daily monitoring, implemented through a resident house manager plus a supervisor, provide a practical and an economically preferred sentencing option to the criminal justice system for non violent alcohol & drug related offenses.

To quote Craig Yaldoo, the director of the Office of Drug Control Policy:-

“In a collective effort to better realize the full promise and potential of drug treatment courts, Michigan intends to enlarge the capacity of existing drug courts, and establish new drug courts so that more people will benefit. With each new court, Michigan has a greater opportunity to employ a preferred multifaceted approach to dealing with drug use and crime.”

So, if you are seeking to defend yourself in a Sobriety Court, call 734-846-0966 or visit www.soberooms.com for details.

Structured Living LLC is a personal subsidized “giveback” initiative, financed and managed by A Grateful Recovering Alcoholic. It Is Not State Funded Nor Does It Accept Donations Or Contributions And Thus Is In A Singularly Unique Position To Exercise An independent No Nonsense Policy With Court Friendly Rules.

Established In 2006, this cause driven venture has rapidly grown to be a major provider of affordable & quality sober housing in the Midwest. Its 63 beds extend care to clients from treatment centers nationwide including Betty Ford Clinic CA, Hazelden & Mayo Clinic MN, Cleveland Clinic OH, La Hacienda TX, Wilderness Treatment MT, Caron PA, Nova WI, The Ranch TN, Dawn Farms, Sacred Heart, Brighton & Henry Ford Hospitals MI.

Monthly $495 modest charges include all utilities, cable TV, wireless internet, full service Kitchen(s), parking & laundry . All facilities are located in “clean” neighborhoods, on bus lines, with short ride(s) to IOP services, AA/NA support group meetings, schools, campus, work places and shopping.

Ann Arbor is home to a large recovering community and has a vast active network of support groups. This unique “school town”, with its rich academic heritage, resourceful public and private assets plus a well educated “aware” population in general, is rated to rank among the very top few "recovery friendly" cities in the United States.

Get Sober – Stay Sober – Do Good – Help Others – Be Happy!!

Contact Details: Structured Living LLC.
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Email: Singh@soberooms.com
website: www.soberooms.com
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