Joe Jedlowski Announces New Website Launch



Released on: July 28, 2011, 6:52 am
Author: Joe Jedlowski
Industry: Healthcare, Internet & Online

Joe Jedlowski, former regional Vice President, Mid-Atlantic at Atria Senior Group, is proud to announce the launch of his new website, On the website, people can read about Joe Jedlowski's educational background. They'll learn where he went to school, what he studied and what he planned to do as a result of his study. They'll learn where Joe Jedlowski has worked, and what he learned as a result of his extensive work experience. They'll learn a little about Joe Jedlowski's hobbies and personal life. And finally, they may be inspired to read about what Joe Jedlowski plans to do with his career as he moves forward.

The website,, is easy to navigate. The site's path is completely understandable, and graphics are kept to a minimum, so people who are unfamiliar with the Web should still be able to work through the website with a minimum amount of irritation. Graphic elements are also kept to a minimum, so the site will be easy to load, even on computers with slow Internet connection speeds. Joe Jedlowski made sure the site functioned in this way as he knows many of his greatest fans are seniors. He wanted to make sure all of his former clients could keep up with his activities with ease. is up and running now. Content will be added regularly, so people are encouraged to check back often to stay up-to-date on what Joe Jedlowski is doing with his life and his career.

Contact Details: Joe Jedlowski
Phone: (888)675-1245
101 Don Connor Blvd Jackson
New Jersey, 08527



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