Melbourne Derivatives Exchange launches new index: CDEX



Released on: July 18, 2011, 9:10 am
Author: Melbourne finews
Industry: Financial

Melbourne Derivatives Exchange launched the CDEX. The index is weighted according to certain fundamental ratios and made up derivatives in the Australian Trading Index, the leading index of Melbourne Derivatives Exchange. In contrast to the Australian Trading Index, the weighting of the commodities in the CDEX is not based on market fluctuation, but rather on a factors computed by the Melbourne Derivatives Exchange taking into account fundamental ratios: supply and demand on the medium to long term, net growth and market exposure to other factors. The CDEX is calculated and published in AUD in real time. It has been designed as a tradable index that can be used as an underlying for structured products and standardized derivatives. The calculation parameters are reviewed on a quarterly basis and the index composition is checked, and if necessary adjusted, analogously to the Australian Trading Index in January and June of each year.

With the launch of the CDEX, the Melbourne Derivatives Exchange has once again shown its internationally recognized competence in the area of indices and its skill in responding to market demands. With the CDEX, the range of index products now comprises a total of 36 indices, with 12 of them tracking national, regional or sector-related developments in the Asia Pacific region. Meanwhile, the majority of all structured products with a reference to Asia Pacific are based on the indices produced by the Melbourne Derivatives Exchange.

Contact Details: Melbourne Derivatives Exchange
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