Snappers Too Trigger Happy with the Delete Button



Released on: July 27, 2011, 4:40 pm
Industry: Retail say lack of consumer awareness could be responsible for high percentage deleting photographs

A recent survey conducted by the photo printers, Bonusprint, has revealed that at least a third out of a pool of 1002 in a survey did not back up their digital photographs before printing them.

In figures, this is an approximate 29%.

There is a fear of exceeding maximum capacity; that too much storage may limit room for further photography.

However, the very act of deleting photographs when storage options are so increasingly available and expansive makes the act of deletion appear redundant. In addition, the amount of online storage options and printing services currently on offer is designed to benefit consumer needs.

Hard drives are not as expensive as they once were and are designed to enable maximum storage of photographs.

Social shopping website, believe the exercise of deleting images from digital cameras is habitual and born from a lack of, or limited awareness and knowledge of what's available to a consumer.

Consumers are advised to review and read the details of their digital cameras, information that is available on their website. The storage options on digital camera models are varied and vast.

A spokesperson from the European review and price comparison company said;

There is little need, in the modern-day market, to even consider deleting photographs from your digital camera. Storage options move as rapidly as the designs of the models themselves, which is why getting to know your product is so important. It enables you to utilise all the strengths of the digital camera model to your advantage. Having to not delete photographs is one of them.


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