dabs.com Begins Selling AMD's A-Series APU Range Promising Triple-A Performance on One Chip



Released on: August 01, 2011, 5:19 pm
Author: dabs.com
Industry: Computers

Processor and graphics chip become one with the latest release of the AMD APU - capable of DirectX 11 graphics and quad-core processing power, with two processors available now at dabs.com.

With on-board graphics chips in the past many PC owners and builders have had to buy additional Graphics cards in order to be able to handle the latest PC games and HD videos. This all changes with the introduction of AMD’s revolutionary A8 APU (Accelerated Processing Unit), the combination of a high-performance CPU with bespoke graphics capabilities to rival the latest standalone graphics cards.

AMD, well known for their Processors, acquired graphics specialist ATi Technologies in 2006 and many computing journalists speculated on the day that AMD would incorporate ATi’s Radeon graphics chipsets in to an all-encompassing and economical chip.

The APU is the product of this union and UK computing and consumer electronics specialist dabs.com now has two models – the AMD A8-3850 and the AMD A6-3650 - available at great prices.

Duncan at dabs.com said: "With up to 3x more graphics capabilities compared to competing systems the AMD APU achieves incredible performance in all situations where a powerhouse PC is required.

“From streaming HD content to playing the latest highly-detailed PC games, the APU with AMD’s Turbo CORE Technology and DirectX 11 support ensures that users get incredible power from one component.”

Duncan added: "For added performance and capability the AMD APU works seamlessly with many of the latest Radeon HD 6000 graphics cards to boost the graphics processing power by a staggering 75 per cent."

As well as the visual features, the A8 and A6 APU chips also offer many other features that are becoming essential in the home and the home office, such as multi-monitor support and the Advanced 32nm CPU that is both powerful and low on power-usage.

The Socket FM1 processor is now available at dabs.com priced at £109.99 for the 2.9GHz A8-3850 and £89.98 for the 2.6 GHz A6-3650.


Contact Details: Duncan Rutherford
Product Manager
0870 429 3700



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