45% of Online Casinos Not Licensed in UK 'Safe' Jurisdictions


Released on: September 20, 2011, 1:01 pm
Author: UKZap.com
Industry: Entertainment, Internet & Online

Players remain unaware that 45% of online casino and gambling sites hold operating licenses not issued within the UK's 'whitelisted' jurisdictions. The risks of playing in potentially unsafe and unregulated casinos could result in considerable financial loss.

London, UK, September 20, 2011 -- With players creating around 5 million new casino and online gambling accounts each year, the public remain unaware of risks associated with insufficient licensing and regulation.

The UK Gambling Commission maintains a 'whitelist' of countries which provide satisfactory regulation for online gaming licenses. If a casino does not have a license from one of these whitelisted jurisdictions then it is not allowed to advertise within the UK - but that does not prevent UK citizens from finding and joining these potentially risky sites.

Over 1,100 online gaming sites operate with licenses issued by whitelisted jurisdictions. This includes licenses from locations such as Gibraltar, Malta and Alderney, all of which the UK Gambling Commission considers to have sufficient regulation for player protection.

Over 900 casino and wagering sites, around 45% of the total, continue to hold licenses issued outside of the safe jurisdictions whitelisted by the Commission. These jurisdictions tend to have insufficient regulation, and lack satisfactory methods for mediation and resolution of players' problems. Countless gambling sites are also operating with absolutely no license and a complete lack of regulation.

One newly launched website - www.Top20CasinoReviews.co.uk - aims to help UK players discover the safest online gaming sites.

"People usually have no idea if a casino has a license from a country approved by the UK Gambling Commission," said Philip Jones, manager of Top 20 Casino Reviews UK. "With literally thousands of casino websites available to UK players, the new resource is dedicated to providing players with only the most reliable licensed casino information."

The new site also allows players to view the top casinos in a variety of categories including casinos for mobile phones, sites offering live dealers via online video, and casinos accepting popular payment options such as PayPal and Ukash.

In addition to reviewing licensed casinos, the parent site at www.UKZap.com provides a full range of bingo, poker and sports betting reviews, as well as the Lucky Friends social site offering member prizes and free advice for players.

For additional information contact Philip Jones or visit www.UKZap.com

About UKZap.com :
UKZap.com is committed to providing the UK public with trustworthy online gaming information and resources. An important part of that commitment is conducting checks of proper licensing held by each gaming site as well as reviewing customer support and overall satisfaction of members. In this way UKZap.com assists UK players in discovering the most reliable casinos and wagering sites.

Philip Jones, manager



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