Attention Networkers Sevenpoint2 MLM Launch 72 Day Alkaline Weight Loss Challenge Join The Alkaline Revolution Movement



Released on: September 07, 2011, 3:33 pm
Author: Hilry Thomas
Industry: Food & Beverage

Sevenpoint2 Alkaline movement has begun. Sevenpoint2 vision is to introduce a "72 Day Alkaline Weight Loss Challenge" and launch a Worldwide Alkaline Movement. The products are designed and formulated to assist you and your body to a healthy 7.2ph balance "easily". The mission "Alkalized & Energized 4 Life, made easy." Our Vision is clear and simple "To have One Million people, consuming and enjoying the benefits of our products", thereby creating the worlds first Alkaline movement.

It has been proven that an acid ph body stores fat and toxins, and harbors an environment for disease. By balancing the body ph, you are allowing your body to function as it was designed to function, and to achieve ideal weight and optimum health simultaneously. Educating people on the value of a balanced 7.2pH body, creates the foundation for anti-aging and optimum health.

7.2 Shake: This Vegan based shake is free of allergens soy free, whey free, and gluten free. The shake assists your body in burning fat and becoming alkaline all at the same time.

7.2 Greens: These Greens that have dozens of healthy green foods and cereal grasses in a powder form that you mix in a beverage (water).

7.2 Alkaline Booster: After having an acidic meal and beverage(s) this product works instantly to bring you from acidic pH levels to alkaline..

7.2 Cleanse: This product helps you keep things moving so your body is less likely to become acidic. You can use it for daily cleansing, maintenance or take more for a Power Cleanse.

7.2 Control: This product helps to suppress your cravings so that you dont have the desire for foods that dont support your weight loss goals.

7.2 Coffee Tabs: Helps neutralize highly acidic beverages and makes them alkaline. Your super acidic beverage has now become healthier

In a world where ph balance is so out of balance, we see a financial opportunity unlike any we have previously seen. With our expertise in business and health and wellness, we are the quality of life for all those unbalanced ph bodies as well as changing our distributors life styles, one body at a time.

Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come. This is the time of health, the time of action, the time of success. We are building the foundation for a worldwide movement; a movement back to health, to vitality, to life. We invite everyone to join us, to be healthy, and to be free

Alkalinity is the best kept secret on the planet". When we landed here on earth our Ph was set by God at 7.365 (which is also the Ph of human blood) an Fm dial setting, when the human dial is off and our alkalinity is lower than 7.365, we open ourselves up to static, to poor performance, to risk of harboring diseases.

Nothing Beats Free "Share the products with Three and Yours is Free" is a core aspect of our compensation plan. Imagine the excitement of having these products in your life for FREE. Careful thought combined with years of experience were applied to the creation. We honored the best ideas from two very successful plans currently growing in the industry by incorporating them into the SevenPoint2 hybrid uni-level.

The SevenPoint2 ELITE CAR Program is an incentive reward offered to Members who achieve and maintain the position of Regional Team Leader or above in the SevenPoint2 compensation plan. The purchase of a business builder kit in necessary to initiate participation in this reward. The Full Elite Car bonus is $600/month for as long as you maintain possession of a white BMW or Fisker Karma. Once qualification is confirmed SevenPoint2 will send you a branding kit for license plate and rear window treatment. Non-ELITE monthly car allowance program because not everyone has the need, desire, or means to acquire a BMW or Fisker Karma, we offer a $300 cash bonus option for Regional Team leaders without a car. Join the Alkaline Movement Today!




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