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Released on: September 22, 2011, 3:44 pm
Author: NCC Home Learning
Industry: Education

NCC Home learning commenced delivery to its first learners in May 2006 and has been built on a pedigree of delivery with Colleges of Further Education for over thirteen years and to hundreds of thousands of successful learners.

Over recent years many new home learning organisations have emerged and tempt interested learners with a variety of offers and describe and present their business extremely well. On the flip side, some may have an exciting, interesting and a visually appealing website but it would appear little substance.

Prospective learners could save themselves heartache and money by making a few checks before signing up, including: Does the home learning website have an appropriate business address and can you establish how long they have been providing education? Can they be found on independent review sites with testimonials (good and bad) from learners who they have supported? Do they offer full Awarding Body accreditation with their courses if this is important to the learner? Is their fee policy transparent, or does the learner have to pay for additional items such as reference materials, accreditation etc? Is their a cooling off period?

Many organisations also offer a ‘free learner goody bay’ including additional items such as a pen, note pad, highlighter pens, bag to keep course work in etc. These items are inevitably a cost to the provider and must be factored into the overall cost of the course – ask if a discount can be offered if the ‘free goody bag’ is not required.

The most important aspect of all though is to conduct thorough research as impulsive purchases may not always suit the learner’s needs fully. Many home learning companies offer similar courses and at wildly differing prices. Once a learner has decided upon a course subject area, an appropriate search in Google, or other search engines, will throw up many organisations offering a solution. It is recommended that learner’s contact a number of organisations and satisfy themselves that they have sufficient information, before committing to make a purchase.

NCC Home learning offers learners a professional solution with Awarding Body accreditation included within the course price for over 90% of the course offered. We have approximately 250 courses available, many of which are targeted at improving employability skills such as our Teaching Assistant Diploma, Distance Learning A Levels, and Computerised Book Keeping etc.

Tony Smith, Managing Director at NCC Home Learning, said: “Learners should consider as many education development options as possible before making a decision which could ultimately change their career options.”

He also stated that: “Learners should undertake appropriate research and if not totally satisfied, take a step back before making a purchasing decision and only commit when they know that they have found the right course, and that they know that they can commit the time necessary to achieve their goal.”

If you are interested in furthering your education or would like more information on home learning courses then please visit:

Contact: Tony Smith, Managing Director
Alexandra Business Park, Prescot road, St Helens, Merseyside
WA10 3TT




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