Urges Motorists To Fall Back In Love With Service Stations



Released on: September 20, 2011, 12:15 pm
Industry: Automotive has revealed new research which shows that motorists are shunning motorway service stations on long journeys and risking their lives as a result. The survey by car insurance experts revealed that 79% of drivers are not taking sufficient breaks on UK roads.

The research, which explores the UK's motorway service station habits, found that a third (32%) of motorists have fallen out of love with the 'airports of our roads' and actively avoid stopping, even on long journeys.

One in seven of those questioned admitted that they would not take any breaks at all during a four-hour journey. However, research from Newcastle University has revealed that this bad driving habit can significantly increase the risk of accidents.

Dr Joan Harvey, Chartered Psychologist at Newcastle University, who carried out the research said: "When driving on motorways, or other monotonous roads, a motorist's maximum concentration level is only maintained for 20-30 minutes, after this time they will start to become bored and will drive on 'auto-pilot'. After a further 40 minutes of driving their blood sugar levels will drop. These two factors are a dangerous combination as the motorist will start to feel sleepy and will be slower to react to any hazards that might occur."

Dr Harvey's research outlines the need for motorists to stop at every third service station (or every hour and a half) on long journeys to ensure they do not become bored and put themselves at risk.

One in ten motorists prefer to park-up and picnic on long journeys - packing their snacks before leaving and pulling up at the service station to tuck in.

Further research supports this, IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) chief examiner Peter Rodger commented: "Research suggests that one in five crashes on motorways are sleep-related. Regular breaks at service stations are essential for preventing such accidents from happening."

Gareth Kloet, Head of Car Insurance at said: "Our research shows that only 8% of us are service station worshippers. By highlighting the huge variety of great service stations dotted along our motorways, we hope to convert more motorists to the happy service station side of life. We're calling for all motorists to re-kindle their passion for the service station and stay safe on the roads, particularly over the busy Bank Holiday weekend."

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