Payday Express Improves Card Fraud Protection



Released on: September 14, 2011, 2:17 pm
Author: Payday Express
Industry: Financial

Short term loan specialist Payday Express has advanced its fraud protection by implementing an improved cardholder verification process, to help combat debit card crime.

Like many companies in the financial services industry, along with many other business sectors, instant approval payday loans provider Payday Express is particularly keen to tackle card not present (CNP) fraud.

CNP fraud can occur when exchanging funds using the internet, telephone or post, when the holder of a credit or debit card does not physically produce the card at the point of making a payment.

Payday Express has previously developed a number of checks to prevent and tackle CNP fraud and has strengthened these with the addition of a more stringent cardholder verification process, for cases where customers call in to pay with a different card to the one originally registered on their account.

The aim is to ensure that the company’s exposure to CNP fraud is limited, which decreases the number of payments charged back to the business; and also to ensure that there is better protection for those who have been victims of card theft.

Details of any suspicious transactions are always investigated thoroughly by Payday Express and are also reported to relevant organisations, including the police and the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA).

Payday Express Online Fraud Manager Daniel Ibrahim said: "The recent development of our processes is testament to the importance that Payday Express places on combating fraud.

"We at Payday Express are committed to protecting vulnerable victims of fraud, while ensuring that genuine customers receive a quick and easy fast payday loans service."


About Payday Express:
Payday Express is one of the UK’s leading payday advance loans specialists that offer an online service to help employed people across the country get access to no fax payday loans. The company is committed to responsible lending and provides customers with a discreet and reliable service that will cover their short-term credit needs.

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