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Released on: September 21, 2011, 5:12 pm
Author: Saxo Bank
Industry: Financial, the home of Saxo Bank's trading commentary, financial research and analysis, has released a video discussing the Federal Open Market Committee meeting (FOCM).

With the deterioration in the US economic outlook being further cemented by recent disappointing macro data, there is now mounting expectation that the Federal Reserve will once again come to the rescue and kick-start the world's largest economy. Therefore, all eyes are set to be on the latest Federal Open Market Committee meeting and what will or won't be decided in terms on new monetary stimulus.

The latest FOCM meeting has been extended to a two day meeting to allow for further discussions. The last meeting saw an extension of low rates until 2013, and Steen Jakobsen, chief economist at Saxo Bank, believes that the next step will be an Operation Twist Light.

Back in the 60s, The Operation Twist, meant that people sold short term bonds and bought long term bonds, which was seen as a twist, hence the name. This time this will not be possible, because the rates have already been lowered. This means only the long end part of the equation will be executed, with long term bonds being bought. However, Steen doesn't think this will be a lot for the market in the long term.

This alone is not going to be enough to turn it around. Steen believes that the market always likes to be promised something new, which means President Obama will need to balance the delivery of the Operation Twist Light and throw in something new as well.

Steen also comments that the situation in Europe will have an effect on the timing of any announcements from the US. While it is clear that the US realise the situation in Europe is not good for the US, Steen believes that the Federal Reserve will ultimately do what is the best for the US.

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