What You Need to Know About Alimony in Alpharetta


Released on: September 12, 2011, 2:48 pm
Author: Mike Smith
Industry: Law

Alimony is one of the most misunderstood legal concepts and it can also be a confusing and frustrating addition to your life. If you are getting divorced you could be forced to make alimony payments in Alpharetta. That means part of your salary or business income could go to your ex spouse.

The only way you can have control over the alimony that will pay will be to hire an attorney to look after your interests. If you are not represented by a lawyer the judge and worse your spouse's attorney will be the ones making the decision. That means you could needlessly loose a large portion of your income to such payments.

It means that you might not be able to take out mortgages or car loans in the future because part of your income is going out in the form of alimony. It also means that you could have a hard time getting business financing that you need or paying your bills. Alimony can be garnished directly from your salary or bank account.

Alimony payments in Alpharetta could substantially reduce your income and force you to make major changes to your lifestyle. Fortunately there are some actions you can take to reduce alimony. You and your attorney can sit down with your spouse and his or her attorney and negotiate a fair rate of payment.

You might even be able to avoid alimony entirely by equitably dividing up assets or making other arrangements. Yet will not know what your rights are if you do not have an attorney advising you.

Something to remember is that neither the judge nor your spouse's lawyer will look out for your rights in regards to alimony. Only your lawyer will be able to do that for you.

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