Demand for Gold and Gold Jewelry Constantly Increasing


Released on: October 20, 2011, 1:03 pm
Author: The Gold Standard
Industry: Financial

Oakland Gardens, NY October 20, 2011. The demand for gold and gold jewelry is constantly increasing and that's good news for average Americans who need extra cash. The reason it is good news for average people is that it means it will be easier than ever to sell gold in Oakland Gardens.

 Even though the demand for investment or commodity gold and gold investments such as exchange traded funds is down the demand, for jewelry gold keeps increasing. It is really strong because people in India and China are buying more gold than ever. Much of the jewelry sold here is smelted down and sent over there. That's good news for you because gold buyers can now afford to pay a better price than ever before.

Although the price of gold in the newspaper is falling, the price in your neighborhood could still be going up. The buyers still want to buy your jewelry and they're willing to pay good price for it. New stores are opening all over the New York area and the mail-in buyers are paying more than ever before.

This means that now is a great time to clean out your jewelry box, safe or safety deposit box. Why keep paying to store what you don't want when you could sell it for cash?

The huge demand for this metal means that buyers are willing to purchase items they would not have looked at just a few years ago. They are willing to buy scrap gold, gold dust, broken jewelry, chains, even old watchcases. Any item you have that you think might be made of gold, silver or platinum could be worth money. They are also willing to purchase lower karat gold including items that are 10 karats or less.

Why Gold Jewelry is in Demand

When an item is worth less than 10 karats it is less than 50% gold. Despite the low content the buyers want it because it can be used for jewelry. Gold jewelry is generally made of lower karat gold, investors are only interested in 24 karat or pure gold. Jewelry makers will purchase the lower grades the metal.

This means that any gold jewelry that you have in your home is probably worth money. No matter how old, how ugly, how damaged or how dirty it is. The truth is that the buyers don't care they want gold because it is worth money to them and it can be worth money to them.


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