Finding The Best Landscape Trees For Your Yard


Released on: October 18, 2011, 3:27 pm
Author: Premiere Tree Services
Industry: Consumer Services

San Mateo, CA October 18, 2011. Choosing which type of landscape trees to use for your yard must be a product of research. You don't just pick any tree that interests you and grow it in your yard. You need to consider their aesthetics effects they have on your yard all year round. Here is a list of landscape trees that are ideal for each season in a temperate region.


Magnolia trees are best for spring. After the snow and when everything springs back to life, there should be plenty of colors in your yard. A yard that is well-landscaped must have flowering trees of great beauty. Apple trees of different varieties are also great bloomers in themselves. When you see how they bloom, you will think their fruit is just a bonus.


While flowers are good, you need more than just colors for your yard. It means you need trees that show off their beauty during more than one season. We're talking about dogwood trees. They bloom during spring and they grow amazing branching pattern during summer. And they are favorite of birds. Japanese maple trees are another type of trees for more than one season.


Some of the maples in North America and Europe are equally beautiful in Autumn as they are during summer. And they are larger, too, which accentuates their color in fall. Notice that even on a cloudy day during fall, the sky seems to light up because of maple trees.


Your yard must also have blue spruce trees. We have mentioned trees that provide beauty to your yard in spring, summer and fall. But during winter when all the colorful foliage is gone, what will remain of your yard? Here is where the evergreen landscape trees come in. These trees include dwarf Alberta spruce trees, arborvitae trees, and the Nellie R. Stevens holly. Birch trees are also useful in winter because of their branching patterns and their bark that is unusually pleasing.

To mix all these beautiful trees in your backyard, you need the help of a professional tree service in San Mateo, CA. More than just offering tree planting and tree trimming services, a tree service company can also helps you get the trees that you want for your yard and work on your landscaping project. You can find a tree service company online and learn more about them and the services they offer.


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