UK Business Turning To Freelancers To Survive Challenging Economic Times



Released on: October 25, 2011, 9:32 am
Author: Loren Holland
Industry: Management

In what’s undoubtedly a tough economic climate for many UK businesses, an increasing number are turning to the skills of freelancers in an attempt to stay afloat during these challenging times. With the services of freelancers helping businesses to not only continue to get their jobs done, but to reduce their fixed overheads at the same time, the workloads of many freelancers continue to increase, as more companies start to realise exactly how outsourcing can help their company.

As a result of the freelance market being stronger than ever before, both in terms of supply and demand, freelancers are increasingly giving businesses other options, such as a being flexible alternatives to the permanent staff they’ve always had. With freelancer web designers and freelance translators, for example, completing work within the desired time, and in many cases ahead of schedule, the appeal of freelancers is clear, especially when their prices are often a lot cheaper than those quoted by high street companies. With businesses being able to save money whilst also getting the job done and without having to sacrifice the quality of it, outsourcing is a win-win situation for all involved.

A recent survey has shown that 66% of companies who took part in it said they were more likely to start outsourcing their work during difficult economic times. This is, of course, great news for freelancers, as being in this role can also bring its fair share of difficulties too, such as work not being guaranteed. With freelancers often being essential to start up businesses who need access to affordable, flexible specialists, the outsourcing market is growing constantly.

Loren Holland, Managing Director of OutsourceMyProject, an up-and-coming online freelance outsourcing company said: “With significant savings to be made through outsourcing work to freelancers, it’s no surprise that an increasing number of UK businesses are choosing to have their workloads completed in this way. Savings are commonly made by outsourcing work to low cost economies that have highly skilled workers, such as India, as an impressive amount of money can be saved yet the job is carried out just as well.”

Loren Holland went on to say: “OutsourceMyProject is a UK based platform, which has been created in order to open up the global market place for professional services, across a wide range of sectors. Outsource My Project enables small and medium sized businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals to successfully outsource business within the UK and abroad, whilst also helping self employed individuals to secure work. With the transparent bidding process of many outsourcing sites meaning that businesses are free to pick and choose the type of freelancer they want for the job, the concept is appealing to say the least.

“OutsourceMyProject also promotes communication, co-operation and feedback between the customers and service providers. Freelancers are not only able to build a profile about themselves, detailing the work they have previously completed, as well as the type of work they are seeking, but clients are also able to post details in relation to the jobs they have available to outsource, and the type of people they’re looking for to complete these jobs. Hundreds of UK businesses have already used OutsourceMyProject to successfully find a freelancer to undertake their projects”

Outsourcing is a concept that helps many different types of people, regardless of age and employment status. Being given the opportunity to make either an additional income or a sole income through freelancing is a life line for some people, especially those skilled individuals who are unemployed yet desperately want to work and earn money again. Freelancing through an outsourcing company offers a variety of jobs based on an individual’s skill set, helping people to feel worthy and valued again. For example there is a thriving industry for freelance web designers, and freelance graphic designers.

During these challenging times, many businesses are struggling to make ends meet, whilst an equal amount of freelancers are struggling to secure the work they need to. The concept of outsourcing brings these two elements together, allowing freelancers and businesses to work hand in hand with each other, in order for both parties to achieve their overall aim.


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