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Released on: October 28, 2011, 3:11 pm
Author: U.S. BusinessTimes
Industry: Financial

The B2B search giant has been in the news recently as rumors are ripe that it will be acquired by another technology company. There are rumors that Masterseek lies in negotiation with Yandex, the Russian search engine giant, recently listed in Ney York Stock Engine for more than 5 billion USD. There has been no official announcement as yet either from Masterseek or from Yandex about this supposed acquisition of Masterseek by Yandex. But trade analysts believe that a partnership between these two companies will be mutually beneficial for their business interests and also to the share holders.

Masterseek has a market value of over $ 275 million in terms of equities and trade analyst believe that acquiring it will give the share holders of a company, $ 300 million dollars in profit. This has made it interesting as many IT companies, venture capitalist, both in US and outside the US, are competing to acquire it for increasing their share values and also for getting a firm grip in the US search engine market.

Masterseek founded in the year, 1999 in Denmark, by Rasmur Refer. Their current headquarters is at Ney York City in Wall Street. It is believed to handle ninety thousand B2B searches on a daily basis. Also, on 30 th of October, 2008, Masterseek announced that they have acquired the B2B search engine Accoona, which has been quite successful in the countries of US and China. It was initially launched in 2004 and at that time, the former US president, Bill Clinton was its spokesperson. This acquisition has helped Masterseek in improving profitability of the shareholders and since then it has attracted many potential buyers who are looking to enter the US market.

"It is correct that we are open for bids but are in no hurry as we can make an alternative IPO as early as Q1 or Q2 2012," says Rasmus Refer, the CEO of Masterseek. Experts in the financial environment had estimated that Masterseek can get a market capitalization of up to 450 million USD at an IPO on Nasdaq. So, they are in no hurry to get into a deal with any company, they are looking at their options and thinking if they should consider bids for acquisition or strengthen their business module through IPO. Due to the recent success of Linkelin IPO, we think that they might go for an IPO if they do not get any favorable offers. In all conditions and circumstances, we do feel that their share holders are bound to make a decent amount of profit in the long run.

If any company or venture capitalists want to buy Masterseek, they will need to offer a business deal that the management at Masterseek cannot resist and we feel that Yandex does have the ability at this moment to offer such a deal. Due to the success of their IPO recently they have a lot of surplus cash and they have hinted that they are looking at acquisitions option to capitalize on it.

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