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Released on: November 23, 2011, 2:52 pm
Author: Christine Mudd
Industry: Retail

San Clemente, California, November 23, 2011 – Kokonut Koast, a leading retailer of Hawaiian print clothing, blankets and accessories made specifically with babies and young children in mind announces several exciting changes within the company. First Kokonutkoast.com is under new ownership. Christine and Michael Mudd are the owners of Kokonut Koast and they are taking the company to new heights. The product line has been expanded and new prints have been added. The entire website is brand new and perhaps the best change for the consumer is the ability to now be able to order products online. The laid back beach lifestyle is the inspiration for this line of high quality baby and children’s items. With many fabric colors and designs to choose from the products can be ordered to coordinate so they will be functional, sylish, and unique.

Kokonutkoast.com is a unique business because the products produced have fun vibrant prints with a relaxing and natural feel to them. Picking out items for babies and childrens gifts is always fun and what makes it better is when the recipient of the gift notices it stands out from the aisle of baby items at the local mall. Hawaiian baby gifts get noticed because they are not all over the stores. With 15 fabric prints and many products there are numerous choices when picking out a gift. Products available include Hawaiian blankets, both large and a security size, burp sets, bibs, hooded towels, and diaper bags in two sizes. Hawaiian baby gift sets are also an option.

Konout Koast was created in the California beach-city of San Clemente, California by the husband and wife team of Christine and Michael Mudd, who were looking to find Hawaiian-print inspired clothing newborn baby girl, Piper. In the years since, Kokonut Koast has become a leader in children’s fashion, offering the newest in beach-themed clothing, blankets, burp sets, bibs, diaper bags and hooded towels for babies and small children. These creations make great gifts, whether it’s for a birthday, baby shower or the holidays. Customers can find a full listing of what Kokonut Koast offers at www.kokonutkoast.com

About Kokonut Koast
Kokonut Koast offers the latest styles in Hawaiian print clothing, blankets and accessories made specifically with babies and young children in mind. Developed by parents in San Clemente, California, Christine and Michael Mudd, who were looking, but could not find, baby items for their first baby girl Piper,that complimented their laid back attitude and the beach lifestyle that was all around them. The two developed Kokonut Koast, which specializes in not only beach inspired baby clothing, but also Hawaiian print blankets, bibs, towels, burpies and a beach diaper bag. Each item on the site is handmade in Southern California, and is a perfect complement to the spirit of sandy beaches and palm trees, no matter if the beach is a five minute drive or a long plane ride. Call us toll free at 949-498-2611, or visit our website anytime at http://www.kokonutkoast.com.

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Contact Details: Christine Mudd
2 Via Jarabe
San Clemente, CA 92673



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