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Released on: November 17, 2011, 8:38 am
Author: Kraff Eye Institute
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - November 17, 2011 The most commonly performed surgical procedure in the United States, cataract removal, is now being performed at the Kraff Eye Institute using the latest technological advancement; the Alcon LenSx® femtosecond bladeless laser. This latest advancement, which provides unprecedented precision to cataract surgery, is offered at Kraff Eye Institute. With the use of a multifocal lens or the correction of astigmatism there is NO additional cost to the patient for the use of the Alcon LenSx femtosecond laser.

The FIRST laser of its kind in Illinois and the only laser approved by the FDA for cataract surgery, the LenSx bladeless laser arrived in August of this year at the Harlem location of the Kraff Eye Institute.

LenSx utilizes a femtosecond laser which has been used to perform Lasik surgery since its FDA approval in 2001. By using this latest advancement of ophthalmic lasers, the surgeon and patient have an alternative to the mechanical cuts used in traditional cataract surgery while ensuring the highest-precision surgical incisions. This technology brings both safety and precision to the surgeon and the patient. (See Fact Sheet for additional details.)

Dr. Manus Kraff, the founder of the Kraff Eye Institute, has been performing cataract surgeries since the 1970's. He now offers the LenSx laser procedure to cataract patients who meet specific criteria for the surgery. Since August of this year, Dr. Kraff has performed numerous successful cataract surgical procedures with the aid of the revolutionary Alcon LenSx femtosecond Laser.

We are proud to offer the most advanced eye care technology in Illinois and the world to our cataract patients, states Dr. Manus Kraff. By adding computer control to the three steps of cataract surgery, the LenSx Laser ensures the highest-precision surgical incisions. The LenSx Laser is unquestionably the most technologically advanced option for cataract patients.

We are thrilled to have this new technology available to us. Prior to this, cataract surgery was performed by hand with blades or needles, he explains. With the LenSx Laser, we are able to perform surgeries to more exacting, individualized specifications not attainable with other surgical methods. Most importantly, patients recover quickly and have great satisfaction with the outcome, concludes Dr. Kraff.

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Established in the 70's, the Kraff Eye Institute has been one of the foremost authorities in ophthalmic eye care. Drs. Manus and Colman Kraff have pioneered surgical procedures like phacoemulsification, intraocular lens implantation, Lasik vision correction and now the LenSx Laser cataract removal. Both Dr. Kraffs have spoken at major universities and conferences worldwide on cataract and laser refractive surgery, served on numerous medical advisory panels and boards with Dr. Manus Kraff having served on the medical advisory board of the LenSx Laser Corporation since its inception.

With two offices in the city, the Kraff Eye Institute has been bringing the very best in eye care to Chicago for over 35 years. For more information about the LenSx procedure or to schedule a consultation, call: 773-777-4444. Visit



•  Cataracts affect more than 22 million Americans age 40 and older.

•  More than 30 million Americans are expected to have cataracts by the year 2020.

•  The earliest days of cataract surgery required patients to limit their activities for four to eight weeks and the patient still required glasses.

•  Approximately 35 years ago, ultrasound technology was introduced and cataract procedures became more efficient and safer with a recovery time of a few days.

•  Introduction of the Alcon LenSx® Laser takes cataract surgery to the next level.

•  This ophthalmic laser may be the wave of the future and makes it highly probable that within the next ten years most cataract surgeries will be performed with a laser.

•  The first prototype LenSx Laser was delivered to an ophthalmologist in Hungary in 2007.

•  The FIRST LenSx Laser in Illinois was delivered to the Kraff Eye Institute of Chicago in August, 2011.

•  The Alcon LenSx Laser is a bladeless laser which utilizes a femtosecond laser approved by the FDA in 2001 which is used to perform LASIK surgery.

•  This new technology brings both safety and precision to both the surgeon and the patient.

•  With the use of a multifocal lens or a correction of an astigmatism, the LenSx Laser technology brings benefits but NO additional costs to the patient.

•  KEY Benefits of the femtosecond laser assisted cataract surgery versus traditional manual cataract surgeries are:

•  Laser provides a more precise incision in the eye without the use of a blade, improves the accuracy during placement of the intraocular lens implant, and leads to great likelihood of clear vision. The main corneal incision is created through multiple planes to prevent potential wound leakage. A real time computerized laser imaging system guides the laser beam to the correct target during the surgery.


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•  The laser pre-softens the cataract, allowing the surgeon to minimize the use of ultrasonic energy and time to remove the cataract. Decreased usage of ultrasound energy reduces the chance of thermal injury to the tissues inside the eye which in turn lessens recovery time.

•  Astigmatism correction can be done at the same time of the cataract surgery using this laser as opposed to manual incision. If astigmatism is not corrected at the time of surgery, patients will more frequently be required to wear glasses after cataract surgery. Correcting the astigmatism at the time of surgery subsequently lessens the need for glasses.

•  Dr. Manus Kraff founded the Kraff Eye Institute in the 70's and has been performing small incision cataract surgeries since that time.

•  Drs. Manus and Colman Kraff were chosen to be the first in Illinois to use the brand new laser technology for cataract surgery.

•  Both Dr. Manus and Dr. Colman Kraff have served on numerous medical advisory panels and boards with Dr. Manus Kraff having served on the medical advisory board for LenSx® Laser Corporation since its inception.

•  Both Drs. Kraff have traveled the world speaking at leading universities and conferences on the subjects of cataract and laser refractive surgery.

•  Kraff Eye Institute has two offices and surgical centers in Chicago : 3115 N. Harlem and downtown at 25 E. Washington St . The Alcon LenSx Laser is housed at the Harlem facility.

•  Additional information about procedures performed at Kraff Eye Institute can be found at:


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