APT Publish New Whitepaper on Risk Management


Released on: December 28, 2011, 4:18 am
Author: Upstream Connections Ltd
Industry: Financial

The technology firm APT have just published a new whitepaper. The paper discusses the issues associated with analysing risk in multi-asset class investments.

APT work to offer risk management solutions to investors, and have much experience behind them in doing so. They work with many different groups involved in investment, such as private wealth managers, hedge fund managers, brokers and others. They provide them with the kind of quality, evidence-based risk management they need. It is against this background that APT publishes this whitepaper, which looks at how investors working across multiple asset classes can best mitigate their risks. The paper is called 'Building a Multi-Asset Class Model: the Commodities Example – Correlation is the Key'.

APT's solution to the specific risks involved in multi-asset class investments is scenario-based risk management. Such products can help investors by offering them a solution based on thorough research, which responds clearly to events, and is flexible, to meet changing needs. APT recognise that markets will always undergo shocks and dislocations, and that this means that good risk management is important. Analysis of how and why these shocks happen helps to contribute to this risk management. This is APT's approach: real research that looks at real research to help investors manage risks well. When looking at mulit-asset class investment, risk management needs to look at how the different asset classes may correlate, and also how to recognise that the management of risk is only really effective if separated from the attribution of risk.

About APT

APT work with a wide range of investors to produce good quality risk management solutions for them. They offer a range of tools as part of this, which includes risk reporting, risk analysis and risk budgeting. These solutions meet needs by being flexible, responsive and robust. For more details or to contact APT, visit their website.

Contact Details: 21 Wilbury Grove
United Kingdom



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