Emeraldstone Investments Has Completed Purchase Of Colombian Emerald Mining Enterprise


Released on: December 16, 2011, 1:20 pm
Author: Emeraldstone Investments
Industry: Financial

The Cyprus based Emeraldstone Investments Limited has bought a company in Colombia that operates with emerald mining. The merger deal that has been preparing for several months was finally finished.

The contract that is considered to become the new step for Emeraldstone Investments Limited and draw the company to a new level of business that would include global market of precious stones.

The Colombian enterprise CEO, Leo Gransesa comments on the situation: "This deal was a great success for both companies. Our enterprise has been preparing for the merge before. However, the proposition made by Emeraldstone Investments Limited was better than we could ever hope. I'm glad that the business is in the right hands now. One of the most important results of this deal was the fact that Emeraldstone is going to keep the job for all our employees".

Marvin Tillman, the Head of Emeraldstone Investments board also comments on the deal: "All primary conditions of the contract were followed. We have purchased the majority stake which makes 75% of the total number of shares. The enterprise keeps its management and working staff though the top management would be transferred from the head office of Emeraldstone".

As a result this turned out to be one of the deals that makes both parties benefit from it tremendously. The representatives of both US and Colombia sides celebrate the biggest deal of the year in the field of gemstone investment.

Regarding this fact Emeraldstone is going to introduce new investment plans for its most regular investors and special offer for brand-new clients. New introductions are to be presented within a month from the date of signing the contract and should make a great contribution to world economy recovering.

Contact Details: Joselyn Hughes
Public Relations Department
Emeraldstone Investment limited
CY-7101 Larnaca, Cyprus



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