Getting the Best Lawyer For Prenuptial Agreements


Released on: December 28, 2011, 4:14 am
Author: Mike Smith
Industry: Law

Atlanta, GA. December 28, 2011. Prenuptial agreement is a complex legal matter that covers up a multitude of concerns. It can cover spousal rights in divorce or death, state and federal taxes, corporate planning, residences, and in many cases child rearing. Finding the right prenuptial agreements lawyer in Atlanta, therefore, is crucial if you want everything set straight and in place.

Here are some tips that you can use in finding the right lawyer for your prenup attorney to suit your specific marital circumstances.

Choose a Licensed Prenuptial Agreements Lawyer

Since your prenup agreement will be enforced in Atlanta , choose a prenup attorney that is licensed to practice his profession in Georgia . This is important because a prenuptial agreement specifies the state where the prenuptial agreement will take effect. Each state has its own provisions when it comes to implementing and enforcing prenups.

Choose a Lawyer With Experience In Negotiating And Drafting Prenups

The Uniform Marital Agreement Act is a complex law which will overwhelm an inexperience prenuptial agreements lawyer in Atlanta . He might draft provisions in your prenup that will render the agreement invalid in the future. If the lawyer is new, be sure that the law firm he is working for provides the assistance of an experienced lawyer.

Choose a Lawyer That Will Offer An Upfront Price Quote

Before they go out looking for a prenup attoryney, a couple must first decide how much they are willing to spend for a prenup agreement. Legal fees can be quite expensive. A couple must set a budget and stick to it. You must discuss fees and other costs with the lawyer before deciding to hire his services, or you might find yourself backing out in the middle of the procedure. You can always negotiate with the lawyer, especially if he is into private practice. But always remember that experienced lawyer are always more expensive than newbies.

Choose a Lawyer Who Doesn't Promise the Impossible

Don't believe it when a prenuptial lawyer tells you with certainty that your prenup deal will get enforced by the court. The courts will evaluate prenups according to their fairness and reasonableness. These are things that a practical prenuptial lawyer cannot promise a one hundred percent certainty. All things said, an experienced prenuptial agreements lawyer in Atlanta knows the factors that a court considers in the evaluation of a prenup agreement and will give you a fair assessment of its chances of getting the court's approval.

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