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Released on: December 29, 2011, 5:29 am
Author: SecureTrading
Industry: Financial

TAAP, which helps organisations in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors save money and improve service through the latest mobile technology has chosen SecureTrading, the UK's leading independent payment processor, to enable its clients to take payments using mobile devices. The solutions are used by a range of customers including charities such as Shelter to allow credit and debit card payments to be made via smartphones.

TAAP (The Agile Application Platform) is a sophisticated workflow system, which provides mobile workforce solutions and applications to organisations operating ‘in the field’. Using mobile devices pre-loaded with TAAP software, clients can receive, collect and transfer rich data from a PDA, smartphone or tablet to a secure web portal or back-office system in seconds. The systems are also scalable and flexible, making it easy to adapt to the most demanding environments from charities involved in face-to-face to fundraising to automotive clients delivering replacement vehicles and parts.

As with any transaction, data integrity is paramount and the solution’s software doesn’t save any of the credit card details so the transaction is fully secure and PCI compliant.

Angela Walker, Marketing Manager at TAAP, says: “SecureTrading’s products meet our business requirements and by offering an alternative payment method to cash, our clients have the opportunity to generate more income through cards and also improve cash flow as invoices do not need to be chased.”

Tim Allitt, Head of Sales & Marketing at SecureTrading, says, “Providing our clients with the facility to take payments via smartphones and PDAs is part of our ongoing mobile payment strategy. Indeed, the importance of mobile payments will become increasingly clear over the coming months and SecureTrading’s focus is on ensuring our gateway is accessible via whatever technology online retailers, merchants and partners want to employ.”


About TAAP
TAAP provides software applications for organisations that operate ‘in the field.’ Because the workplace doesn’t always refer to a specific location any longer, TAAP’s applications are designed to work using mobile devices such as PDAs, smartphones, tablets and iPads, and cloud-based secure web portals. We enable the secure transfer of data between devices and support rich information collection such as photos, diagrams and electronic signatures.

TAAP’s clients range from small businesses through to large enterprises and our teams deal with customers as far afield as Australia and New Zealand. From private companies, public sector and not-for-profit organisations, TAAP’s systems are designed according to each client’s processes so they can improve upon them and make their operations more efficient.

About SecureTrading
SecureTrading is the UK's leading independent payment processor, providing online payment processing for all types of businesses via the most reliable and secure internet payment gateway. Founded in 1997, the company’s fast, reliable and professional online card payment services enable its customers to accept credit cards, debit cards and other payment methods such as PayPal and Ukash online.

SecureTrading also offers the most comprehensive suite of counter-fraud services available. From its core services of 3-D Secure, CVV2 and AVS to SecureTrading Fraud Score enabling IP checking and SecureTrading Identity Check which enables full KYC checks, the company reduces significantly the threat of online fraud to businesses.

For businesses looking to expand internationally, SecureTrading supports Dynamic Currency Conversion as well as European payment systems including ELV, iDeal, Sofortüberweisung and Giropay.

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Secure Trading
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