Namesco Urges Customers To Switch To Annual Packages



Released on: December 02, 2011, 1:36 pm
Industry: Internet & Online

Customers can save the equivalent of two months payments by switching to annual web hosting packages

Leading Internet solutions company, Namesco, are urging customers to switch to annual payment packages on web hosting tools, as recent findings have shown consumers are generally paying too much for windows hosting packages on the open market.

A recent study, conducted by Namesco themselves, suggests that whilst monthly payment plans on web hosting products may seem cheaper, in reality users are ultimately paying more.

The company claims they could save their customers two months worth of monthly payments if they simply switched to their annual payment scheme- when upgrading their web hosting tools.

The study also showed that most Internet sites, selling web hosting products to consumers, displayed the price of their packages at a monthly rate, effecting purchasing behavior.

It's just a form of psychological pricing really. said a spokesperson for Namesco, commenting on the findings. Web hosting packages often seem cheap because the payment rates are shown per month' instead of per year'. Of course, if consumers changed the price to per year' the price would seem a lot higher.

However, if consumers just did the calculations, they'd find that they're in fact paying more when opting to pay on a monthly basis. We're urging all our customers to switch from their monthly hosting plans to annual payments when they upgrade their web packages- they'll get the equivalent of two months payment free.

Customers, who currently own a registered Namesco account, can easily upgrade their web hosting package by logging-on to the company's website.


Notes to editor

Namesco Limited is an award winning website services company specialising in domain name issuance, ecommerce solutions, web building services, domain name management and online advertising. As part of parent company,, Namesco is an international recognised company with offices throughout Europe and the U.S. Namesco has won the ISPA Best Shared Hosting award three years running (2008, 2009 and 2010) and were even finalists in this year's nominations.

Contact: Alessio Sansivero



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