Paskvan & Ringstad - Two Personal Injury Lawyers Who Won't Charge Unless You Win



Released on: December 22, 2011, 2:42 pm
Author: Joseph L Paskvan; Kenneth Ringstad
Industry: Consumer Services, Law

We'll take on your case, and you can keep your money until we win you some more they say.

Fairbanks, AK – December 22, 2011. With many personal injury lawyers taking their client’s bank account for a run, Fairbanks-based Paskvan & Ringstad stand by their core value – they won’t charge a client unless the case is won.

Acting as the region’s leading injury attorney fairbanks ak– the partners bring their wealth of knowledge and experience to the benefit of their clients.

“We want all Alaskans to be confident that we are equipped with both the skills and experience to tackle any claim of personal injury” says attorney Joseph L Paskvan.

His partner, Kenneth Ringstad, echoes the testament:

“We are 100% client-focussed, and have worked solidly to establish our firm as the premium answer for the need for attorney fairbanks ak” he explains.

The firm’s website also goes a long way to help those looking for a personal injury lawyer in the area – showcasing a number of videos about the firm and their work, as well as offering options for a free case assessment.

These resources have won the firm many clients, in cases ranging from claims arising from A Wrongful Death Situation, An Automobile Accident /Collision, Insurance Disputes, Unsafe Conditions, Road Defects, Construction Injuries or Accidents and Defective Products.

To find out more about the firm, to take advantage of their useful resources or to get a free case assessment today, please visit:

About Paskvan & Ringstad
At Paskvan & Ringstad PC, Personal Injury lawyer fairbanks ak, we understand that sometimes Alaskans need representation after an accident, or a wrongful death situation. We understand because we’re fellow Alaskans and our families live here. And we’re also human. We understand that the world can sometimes feel out of control when tragedy strikes. And we know how important it is to have someone there during those difficult times to lean on.

Contact Details:

Joseph L Paskvan; Kenneth Ringstad
714 4th Ave Ste 301 Fairbanks, AK 99701-4470
Phone : (907) 452-1205
Email :
Website :



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