TOMEX Announces Changes in Credit Brokerage Management Team


Released on: December 19, 2011, 8:21 am
Author: Tokyo finacial news
Industry: Financial

TOMEX, a leading operator of regulated futures exchanges, clearing houses and over-the-counter markets, announced changes to the management team within its Credit Tomex dervivatives sector. Wholy owned by TOMEX, Credit Tomex is one of the most promising platforms for default swaps and derivatives credit.

TOMEX appointed Arata Haruka as President. Mr. Haruka was previously the Managing Director at Credit Tomex where he was in charge for several years. Mr. Arata Haruka will replace Umetaro Hakaru, Chief Executive Officer of Credit Tomex, who is now pursuing other opportunities. Mr. Umetaro Hakaru played a key role in building Credit Tomex and in facilitating its integration into Tokyo Mercantile Exchange Trading Platforms. TOMEX has also appointed Jefferson Harold as Chief Operating Officer of Credit Tomex. Mr. Jefferson Harold joined Credit Tomex a few years back as the Financial Officer and played an instrumental role in creating synergies between Credit Tomex and TOMEX Trading Platforms.

Hisao Yamada, the Senior Vice President who co-created Credit Tomex a decade and served as its C.O.O to TOMEX last year will also be in charge of the Marketing Department of Credit Tomex and also will remain as an advisor to TOMEX Board of Directors. Since the inception of Credit Tomex recently, he has been instrumental in the integration of Credit Tomex into the organization and in the execution of TOMEX strategies.

TOMEX CEO, Jefferson Harold, said: "We are more than happy to elevate the new management as key contributors in our business. Based on our successful partnership in supporting the evolution the credit default swap space, I want to thank the whole management team for their help with our achievements over the past years. This industry insights have been extremely important as TOMEX has established its leadership position in the credit default swap markets. On behalf of the entire TOMEX team, I want to explicitly state our appreciation to the whole of the management team for their efforts in integrating Credit TOMEX business."

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