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Released on: December 31, 2011, 5:35 am
Author: UIC London
Industry: Education

Based in the heart of London, UIC is a specialised language school that provides both a variety of English courses and several other courses in modern languages such as French, German, Italian and Japanese. With the fantastic combination of excellent value, quality teaching, great service and a central location, UIC is the perfect place for anyone of any ability to come and enjoy the learning process.

The award-winning English courses are as flexible as any demanding schedule dictates, so whether they are taken within one week or one year, students will always receive the best teaching possible to achieve their potential. The range and variety of courses are extensive, from 15 to 30 lessons a week in General English, Examination Preparation, Business English, or the ELTon-winning Communication Station. As adult-only courses, there is no pressure, and unrivalled support is provided throughout the learning process, ensuring that the UIC students are prepared to go out into the world and utilise their English skills with ease and confidence.

Foreign language courses are another of UCI’s specialities, teaching foreign languages to over 2000 students every year. UIC provides group classes, individual tutoring and corporate learning, ensuring that every requirement, from relocation to professional business needs, are covered. The school is also happy to recommend other language schools around Europe should any student wish to improve their abilities by soaking up the language and culture of another country.

UIC is successful due to its approach to student learning. They pride themselves highly on recruiting only the best teachers, usually native, who have the right training and background to be able to deliver amazing results on any course that is undertaken. The teaching approach is highly communicative, encouraging those within the classes to improve faster and build more confidence within each session. The curriculum is a vital issue for UIC, thus the school is able to both place students in the right class and monitor their progress, responding to the notion that different people learn in different ways. Time outside the classroom is also a concern for the school, thus students can rely upon support staff to guide them through the enrolment process and ultimately help with any queries or needs that they may have throughout their time at UIC.

With an excellent social calendar, fantastic technologies such as e-learning and the student blog, and a wide range of accommodation all over London, UIC is at the forefront of the future for language schools. Combining award-winning course content that reflects the needs and the interests of the modern-day student and exceptional resources to boost learning and development, UIC truly offers everything a student could possibly need. Whether you study English to Spanish courses London is a great place to be a student. So for more information on learning Business English or spending evenings in Italian courses London style, visit the website now.

Contact Details: Language House, 76-78 Mortimer Street
United Kingdom
Tel. +44 (0) 020 7079 3333



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