Half Dental Brands, Inc., Seeks Growth Opportunities in Brand Licensing



Released on: February 14, 2012, 4:07 am
Author: Half Dental Brands Inc
Industry: Healthcare

LAS VEGAS, NV - Half Dental Brands, Inc., today announced its expansion into licensing, providing opportunities for the Half Dental brand to extend beyond its current regional markets. The company has signed licensing agreements with key regional dental practices which spans from Las Vegas, NV to Vancouver, WA.

“Licensing presents an opportunity to leverage one of our most valuable assets – the global power of the Half Dental brand - by associating it with ‘quality and affordability’,” said Brandon D’Haenens, President and CEO of Brand Licensing. “We average more than 200 new patients per month per location and of that, 82 % of those patients are fee-for-service.. That’s powerful testimony to the connection forged with consumers by the Half Dental brand. We are providing a vehicle for those patients who would not have elected to seek treatment otherwise. Through strong national and regional licensing partners, we plan to extend the power of our brand and develop new patient connections.”

The first Half Dental re-branded practice was piloted and converted in September of 2010, which launched an explosion in the St George, UT marketplace. The patient/consumer response has been overwhelming causing a massive expansion to meet the internal growth requirements. Half Dental also entered into agreements with offices in Boise, ID and Vancouver, WA, which is producing similar organic growth.

"Half Dental affiliated centers have changed the way dentistry is done, with a scalable, integrated direct-to-consumer model and unparalleled affordability at the consumer level. Through our affiliated network of world-class doctors, Half Dental affiliated centers offer a unique, cost-effective solution that is accessible to a wide range of patients," said Mr. D’Haenens. "With this new licensing program, Half Dental is well positioned to accelerate our expansion program, which includes developing new doctor relationships and managing new dental centers to help meet the growing demand for affordable dentistry. “As we continue to explore these and other new collaborations, I am confident our license partners will help us grow and spread our brand promise of delivering “quality and affordable” dentistry with profound comfort, fun and innovation,” continued D’Haenens. More information about Half Dental Brand Licensing is available at http://www.halfdental.com/apply-for-a-license/

About Half Dental, Inc.
Founded in 2004, Half Dental is a leader in innovative dental practice management to a growing network of affiliated dental centers. Half Dental offers several distinct options for dental providers to choose from. If you are interested in re-branding your existing practice or working with our organization to expand your presence in the local marketplace, we have the support systems to help achieve these goals. Visit www.halfdental.com for additional information.

Half Dental Brands, Inc Brandon D’Haenens, info@halfdental.com

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