Haypi Dragon: Angry Birds plus Worms equals a huge hit!



Released on: February 3, 2012, 5:06 am
Author: Haypi Inc
Industry: Internet & Online, Entertainment

Since its release, Haypi Dragon has received a great population and adored by numerous players for the reason that it integrates the advantages of both “Angry Birds” and “Worms” with its unique features.

Now version 1.2 has been officially released, and this new update features PVP, entertaining dragon exploration, mysterious treasure map and brand new map route. Now you can choose to team up with your in-game friends to attend PVP competition of different modes (1v1, 2v2 and 4v4). Make full use of your talent in targeting and corporation to challenge for more honors and more flamboyant medal.

During the adventurous journey, the winners in the fierce competition will be amply rewarded: the first player among all the servers who collects all the missing pieces and complete the treasure map will be rewarded with 1000USD and the first player of every single server who finishes the treasure map will be rewarded with 100USD.

With its excellent interactivity, simulated physical design and fabulous graphics, this update has been well received:
“Better than Angry birds”
“Funniest game ever”
“This game is so addicting and fun! It is similar to angry birds, except you train a dragon and compete with friends!”

Contact: dragonsupport@haypi.com
Haypi Inc.

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