Payday Express holds internal Trainee Team Leader Program for 2012



Released on: February 22, 2012, 12:01 am
Author: Ashleigh Slade
Industry: Financial

UK provider of payday loans online, Payday Express, has once again demonstrated its commitment to staff development with the hosting of the first Trainee Team Leader Programme for 2012.

Emma Furlong, group trainer at Payday Express, and the company’s operations manager Sarah Carroll, began the first programme for 2012 on February 10, with the aim of developing budding team leaders in different areas of the business. Six staff, from the company’s contact centre, collections, marketing and business development teams, will participate.

The programme involves weekly catch-up sessions in which participants receive coaching on management skills, as well as the chance to discuss exactly what the team leader role entails. They also get to share ideas and experiences and impart knowledge they have learned. They will work as acting team leaders while on the course in order to put their learning into action and will also get the chance to swap roles and run different teams as part of their on-the-job experience.

Operations manager, Sarah Carroll said: “Staff development is extremely important to us at Payday Express. This course gives high-achieving agents the chance to take the next step in their careers.

“Its success comes from giving them the chance to take what they learn in the training room each week and immediately practise it on the job. It’s also valuable for them to get the chance to discuss mistakes and difficulties with people in the same position as them,” she added.

Marketing executive, Therese Rydberg, said: “I am excited to get the opportunity to take part in this programme as it will help me to grow and take the next step in my career.”

The programme is designed to be suitable for employees from all departments within the payday loan company and is geared towards developing broad skills that can then be applied to their own jobs and teams.

To kick-start the programme, each participant is required to produce a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis on his/her own team, along with a personal development plan, which is then re-visited at the end of the course.

The programme also includes the following sections:
- Conducting monthly staff reviews
- Handling and steering conversations – this is a vital section in the programme and is revisited throughout, as it covers conversation and communication with peers, staff, management and customers
- Effective reporting
- Carrying out effective team incentives
- Interview techniques
- Coaching and development
- Absence management and operational overview
- Dealing with expressions of dissatisfaction
- Reporting upwards (to management)
- Process suggestions and implementation.


About Payday Express:
Payday Express is one of the UK’s leading payday advance loans specialists, offering an online service to help employed people across the country get access to emergency payday loans. The company is committed to responsible lending and provides customers with a discreet and reliable service that will cover their short-term credit needs.

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