Tree Planting Tips: Ensuring the Survival of Your Trees


Released on: February 08, 2012, 8:55 am
Author: Premiere Tree Services of Durham
Industry: Consumer Services

Durham, NC (February 8, 2012). Planning is important if you want your trees to survive after planting. Planting a tree is not as simple as digging a hole, putting a seedling in it and watching it grow. There are tree-planting techniques to follow to ensure the survival of your trees.

If you have no experience in tree planting yet, it is best that you consult any of the several expert tree service companies in your area. If you are tree planting in Durham, you also need to visit your local tree authorities for any tree planting ordinances or regulations that you need to follow and requirements that you need to comply with. Tree planting has a long-time effect on an area, and local authorities would definitely want to know about your plans.


The four basic elements needed for a tree to grow are sunlight, water, nutrients and space to grow. Here are some tips related to this aspect of tree planting:

Conduct an ocular survey on the area where you will plant your trees. Identify the type of soil. Knowing the type of soil is important because it tells you what type of trees grows best in the area. If you are tree planting in Durham, go to the local forestry office or any related agency to inquire about the types of trees that grow best in Durham. Your local authorities can also assist you, especially if your tree planting project will have an impact on the general public.


If you are planning to plant your trees in your property, choose an area with sufficient space for your trees to grow. You must know the growth potential of your trees. When fully grown, the trees must not be so big as to pose risks to power and utility lines and other properties nearby. Don't plant your trees too close to each other, or they will compete for water, sunlight, space and nutrients, which will affect their growth and health.


Tree planting in Durham, and elsewhere for that matter, must follow the right timing. A tree is best planted when it is dormant. Most trees are best planted in the spring when the ground is free of frost and just before flower buds break open. If not, do your planting in autumn when the leaves are falling off and flower buds are prepared for the freeze-up.

Following these simple tips will help ensure the growth of your young trees.


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