Diet Chef Comes to the Rescue of the Fat Blue Line

Released on: March 16, 2012, 11:13 am
Author: Diet Chef
Industry: Food & Beverage

Home delivery diet brand, Diet Chef, is coming to the rescue of the British bobby, to help our boys and girls in blue get their weight problem under control. Until now, police officers were given a fitness test when they joined the force and their fitness was not tested again, but this is about to change.

Following the news that two-thirds of police officers are obese or overweight and face pay cuts, disciplinary action and even the sack if they fail new annual fitness tests, Diet Chef is offering all police personnel a lifeline. Starting today, a special code containing the numbers 999 will be issued to all police stations and will offer police staff a 20% discount off their first monthly Diet Chef hamper order. Currently only 35% of British police officers are deemed to be a normal weight and 1% are classed as morbidly obese.

Diet Chef, providers of delivered diets to make losing weight easy, will send each police officer a hamper full of its chef-prepared food for dinner, soups for lunch and granola for breakfast, along with some healthy snacks. All meals are carefully calorie-counted to average less than 1200 or 1500 calories-a-day so our boys and girls on the beat will be burning more calories than they eat to achieve a healthy, sustainable weight loss. With Diet Chef they are guaranteed to lose weight, pass their fitness tests and keep their jobs.

Diet Chef founder, Kevin Dorren, comments: "Diet Chef has a proven track record of thousands of happy customers so we know we can help everyone, including our police force, lose weight and feel so much fitter."

Inspirational weight loss success stories from Diet Chef customers can be found on the website.


Notes to editors:
*The offer will run from today (16 March 2012) until 30 April 2012.
*All police officers will receive a 20% discount off their first hamper when they sign up to the Pay Monthly Diet Chef programme.
*Diet Chef costs from just £5.57 per day (for Diet Chef 1200 in Pay Monthly)

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For further information please contact:
Gillian Hope
Brand Manager – Diet Chef
0845 094 9796


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