FindAMasters Praises Inventive Fundraising Scheme

Released on: March 06, 2012, 8:26 am
Author: FindAMasters
Industry: Education

FindAMasters wants to spread the word about a Manchester man in his bid to raise money for a Masters degree in Business Administration.

Scott Clay needs £23,000 in order to complete the degree, which would improve his CV and is related to his career. Scott, who is from Didsbury, originally went to his employers to ask for funding but was turned down. He currently only has £5,000 to go towards the Masters degree, but has come up with an inventive fundraising plan to get the money he needs.

Scott says he plans to ask people to donate £200 to his degree fund in return for a full eight hours’ worth of volunteer work at their chosen charity.

Concerning the donation price, Scott said: “I worked out what the price of the course was, how much I could put in myself, made a realistic analysis of how much time I could devote to this - I work full time and am also a part-time lecturer - and I came to that figure.”

He also said that he is prepared to work in any kind of environment and for any charity, with the only exceptions being for jobs that he cannot complete due to health and safety or insurance restrictions.

He said: “I'm happy to stack shelves in Oxfam for a day or go along to an event or work for one of their call centres; I'm not precious about it.”

Scott will need to complete a total of 720 hours of volunteering in order to collect enough money for the degree and, following his fundraising; he hopes to set up a scheme that puts his charity idea into practice for other prospective students.

Andy Pritchard of FindAMasters said: “We at FindAMasters hope that Scott’s bid to raise enough money for a Business Administration degree and would encourage others to follow his lead.”

“In the current economic climate it is becoming increasingly difficult to fund higher education courses and degrees, but people should not let this put them off from achieving their goals. There are many alternative routes available, and this is just one of them.”


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